November 17, 2023

Homemade SLUDGE! Gooey, Oozy Sensory FUN!

Homemade SLUDGE!

If your kiddos are like mine, then they LOVE getting down and dirty! This DIY Sludge Recipe is perfect for doing just that! We made up a huge batch and then decided to add some army men into the mix. It was super fun! Thank you to Kate from ‘Picklebums’ for this great recipe!

To make your own sludge you’ll need:

Homemade SLUDGE!


3 cups of corn flour (corn starch)
8 cups of hot water
1/2 cup of dish detergent
A good squirt of paint or food colouring – we used this cool fluro orange paint that I had

Step 1

Homemade SLUDGE!

Mix the corn flour and water together in a large saucepan. It will be a little hard to mix to start with, but stick with it and it will turn it into a milky liquid.

Step 2

Homemade SLUDGE!

Put the saucepan on the stove over a moderate heat and stir, stir, stir. Eventually the mixture will begin to thicken. Keep stirring until it becomes thick and begins to go opaque. Take the pot off the heat and allow it to cool.

Step 3

Homemade SLUDGE!

Add in the dishwashing detergent. This is what makes our Sludge SLUDGEY!

Step 4

Homemade SLUDGE!

Add in your paint or food colouring. I LOVED the fluro orange look!

Step 5

Homemade SLUDGE!


We plopped our SLUDGE into a giant play tub, both kiddies could get a great go at it!

Homemade SLUDGE!Homemade SLUDGEHomemade SLUDGEHomemade SLUDGE!

We’d love to hear how you went! Why not post a pic of the fun you had on our Facebook page!

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