November 17, 2023

Calming Glitter Bottle

Calming Glitter Bottle

I originally spotted this idea on the Tot Shop Facebook page here – what a cool idea! I decided it was time we tested one out :).

What you’ll need

An empty 1.25l plastic drink bottle

½ cup of glitter glue

1 tablespoon of extra loose glitter

Water (warm)

We started by adding half a bottle of warm water with the glitter glue, shaking that up to mix. Then we added the ‘loose’ or ‘dry’ glitter and enough water to nearly fill to the top. We then glued the lid onto the bottle to avoid any spills later ;).

Calming Glitter Bottle

Calming Glitter Bottle

My 5yo daughter loves to shake it up and then watch the glitter gently and slowly settle to the bottom (it takes about 8mins to settle). It’s such a soothing thing to watch!

Calming Glitter Bottle

My 17month old  boy also loves playing and shaking the bottle :).

I hope you and your kids enjoy this calming activity as much as we did.

Louise x

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