DIY Baby Tutu {No Sewing Required}
November 28, 2020

DIY Baby Tutu {No Sewing Required}

DIY Baby Tutu - No sewing

As part of a Baby Shower gift for a friend I decided to make a baby tutu with a custom made onsie.

Here is how I did it-with help from my Bestie Jenni!

I purchased a three pack of these cute long sleeve pink onsies from BigW. While I was there I stumbled accross a three pack of cute elastic baby headbands with pretty bows and thought they would make the perfect waist band!  (the bows added an extra embellishment to the finished product).

We had half a roll of tulle leftover at home that we had previously purchased on ebay from -We used roughly 15yds of tulle from the roll but you could use far less and still obtain a great result. ***see bottom of page for ebay store (PS. I would love to hear of an Aussie supplier if anyone knows of one).

We worked out each one cost us under $8 to make!!

What you'll need.
What you’ll need.

We cut multiple lengths of tulle (double the length you require it to be).

We then placed the elastic headband over a toy doll to keep it in place (you could use a roll of paper towel).

 Taking each length of tulle and folding it in half lengthways we looped it over the elastic headband. *See Pictures*

DIY Baby Tutu

You can keep going until you get the ‘fullness’ you require. *We made this one extra fluffy*.

For a final touch we wanted to gift to tie in with the rest of the theme of the party – we printed one of the party printables purchased from Etsy onto some T-Shirt Transfer paper using the home printer.

Once printed it was a simple job of cutting out the design and following the directions of the print paper – using an iron to transfer the print.

 DIY Baby Tutu

These would be cute in so many different colours or colour combinations too.

We were so happy with the finished product and we can’t wait to see the new baby wearing it when she arrives ;).

On doll

DIY Baby sized Tutu

And last but not least a pic of The two Big Brothers (to be).

Girl Baby Shower

For the rest of the baby shower ideas follow this link –

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2 thoughts on “DIY Baby Tutu {No Sewing Required}

  1. I found this ‘tulle roll for sale’ site online and it is local. Hope you find it useful. I have not tried it as yet so I don’t know much about it except for what I have read online


    PS. Love your site. Will definately be using some of your ideas when our first grandchild is born.

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