November 30, 2022

Zucchini Bites

Yummy plate

This is one of our favourite recipes – it’s easy to make with the kids, great for lunch boxes, taking to parties and it freezes well too :). My Fun Mum (Miss M’s Granty) came down for a visit and picnic lunch so it was a good excuse to whip up some slice to have served with salad…this is also her Pop’s favourite recipe too- Miss M loved putting it into a container for Granty to take home for her Pop.


Firstly I sauté the bacon and onion and allow it to cool. It’s a great idea to get everything you need out and semi prepared before you ask for your mini chef to help out…Miss M likes to have a go at everything and gets upset if I prepare everything myself, I do most of the grating myself then leave some for her to do too ;).

Watch those fingers!
Watch those fingers!

There are some great learning opportunities along the way too – counting the eggs, talking about where they come from, where the Zucchini comes from and it’s also a great opportunity to let your little one get their hands ‘dirty’ with some sensory exploration – Miss M loved squeezing the excess moisture from the Zucchini.


I was pleasantly surprised to find not one piece of egg shell after Miss M cracked them -she is getting very good at cracking eggs now.


Granty was needed to help get the first bit of mixing done but then Miss M was on her own…

Granty Helping
Granty lending a helping hand :).
Ready to bake!
Ready to bake!
Smells so good!
Smells so good!

I thought I might be fun to serve Miss M’s in the shape of Mickey Mouse… but she ended up wanting our square ones instead – go figure lol!Cut it up

Good practice at holding her knife & fork – wrong hands but Miss Independent likes to try things her way ;).


This is the recipe we loosely follow…

Zucchini Bites like no other!

(Adapted from the Philadelphia Cookbook)

2 Medium Zucchini, grated

1 Medium Carrot, grated

I onion, finely diced

5 diced short cut bacon rashers (fat & rind removed)

250g Philadelphia spreadable cream cheese (softened)

1 cup SR Flour

½ cup Tasty Cheese

½ cup oil

6 eggs, lightly beaten

Salt & Pepper, to taste.

  1. Sauté bacon and onion until soft and set aside to cool.
  2. Drain/squeeze excess moisture from Zucchini and carrot then mix all ingredients together.
  3. Spoon mixture into greased and lined 22cm x 30cm slice pan (or similar). Bake in a moderate oven 170c for 30mins or until slightly brown and firm to touch.
  4. Allow to cool then slice into squares.

Note: You can use Ham and raw onion if you like. We have also substituted the onion with cooked Leek and it was super yummy!

Enjoy & let me know what you think!

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6 thoughts on “Zucchini Bites

    1. These freeze really well! I always seal them in a zip-lock bag and then wrap in foil to prevent freezer burn. They last 3 months frozen…not that mine last more than two weeks because they area always eaten so fast! Lou x

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