November 30, 2022

Fishing Fun! – Jenni

My little Master L is just fascinated by Fish & Butterflies! So because he was such a good boy (??) this year, Santa gave him a whole bunch of fishing equipment…and a Butterfly House (but that is another story)!

My husband, of course, was extremely excited and instantly reverted back to his childhood. He made Master L a ‘Fish Trap’ that he used to use as a boy to catch yabbies & small fish. I thought I would share how to do this with you – it’s very easy!


You will need:

A soft drink bottle

Stanley/Packing Knife


Hole Punch

Wool, ribbon or string

Paint (optional)


Cut the top 1/3 of the bottle off using the packing knife (fig 1). ┬áThen turn upside down and fit into the bottom section of the bottle (fig 2). This is so the fish can swim in…but not swim out! Then fasten the two together using a stapler (fig 3). Then use a hole punch to make some holes to thread through the wool/ribbon (for the handle).Image

Then I let the kids get creative and go crazy with some paint!


We then took the new ‘Fish Trap’ down to our local creek, put in a little bread, submerged it…then waited…it wasn’t long before a few unsuspecting fish were tricked by our clever ways! Master L thought it was fantastic! I must admit, for a girl who’s not too keen on getting dirty, I thought it was pretty darn fun too!


The next stop on our fishing expedition was a trip to the river. Daddy taught Master L how to throw a casting net (after he looked it up himself on Youtube ; ) As you may or may not have figured out, we aren’t really a ‘fishing family’ as such (we did initally think we caught a baby Wobbegong…turns out it was a baby Flathead!). You live, you learn! That was part of the fun though! We also managed to bag a baby Toadfish..Miss A thought he was pretty special!

All in all, we had some fun as a family and learnt a few things on the way. If you haven’t hit the water in the hunt for some fish, I highly recommend you do! Who knows, maybe we’ll even take the rod out next time ; )

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