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November 27, 2020

Amazing Solar Light Project for Schools

Here’s how to get your school involved in this amazing Australian based charity project, the perfect way to educate and learn about solar power and energy poverty! Share with you school principle or P&C so your children don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn and help others at the same time.

I recently learned about this project through my kid’s primary school. They were speaking at the school assembly about raising money to purchase Solar Powered lights to send to other kids who are living through energy poverty, they spoke about communities living in power poverty and how the students could not study or read well at night because they have no lights or energy. I was intrigued and my kids were SO excited to have the opportunity to build their own working solar light to send to children in need!

How does it work? (You can find all the details on the SolarBuddy website here).

Basically it involves 4 easy steps.

  1. Kid’s fundraise $25 – $30 each for their SolarBuddy kit that provides them with everything they’ll need.
  2. Kid’s then learn about power poverty, talk and think about what it would be like to live in power poverty themselves. They then write a personal letter to their SolarBuddy recipient (my kids chose to include a photo of themselves).
  3. Assembly time! Kids get to make and test their own solar powered light. The kit comes with everything they need including instructions and a mini screwdriver. My kids loved testing their lights by recharging them in the sun. Such a wonderful way to learn about solar power and renewable energy!
  4. Donate! The team at SolarBuddy will gather the lights and donate them (along with your child’s letter) to students who are living in communities experiencing power poverty. Your children may even receive a reply letter from their ‘Solar Buddy’.

Here are a couple of photos of my kids building their SolarBuddy at School.

Busy learning about Solar Power whilst carefully building their SolarBuddy light.


Here’s the photo my kids sent off with their personal letter.

And here are some photos of kids who’ve already benefited from this amazing charity work. (images supplied by Solar Buddy).






So why not get in-touch with your teachers or community group about getting involved and spreading light to those in need. Head to the SolarBuddy website here to register.

Louise xx

This post is not sponsored. We love the concept and thought you, our readers, would love it too.

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