November 16, 2023

Easy Tie Dye Beach Throw



We’ve become addicted to Tie Dyeing!! Seriously, we need a support group or something because our whole house looks like a Tie Dye bomb went off! Haha.

Anyway this was our latest project after we stumbled across a white single cotton weave blanket that was on SALE at BigW. We got it for just $10 as the packaging was damaged. We used this Tie Dye kit from Spotlight. We were worried we might not have enough Dye to cover it but in the end we were able to dye this and four more T-Shirts!

I’m loving the look of all the round beach towels and blankets that seem to be ‘on trend’ at the moment so we decided to cut our blanket to make a circle-ish shape. We folded it to make a square and then folded that into triangles before cutting a petal shape by rounding the edges.


We then wet the fabric until it was damp and twisted it from the centre to form a swirl (as seen in the video below), we then secured the twisted throw using some large rubber bands.

We mixed the dyes as per the packet instructions and then coloured each section between the bands, turned it over and repeated the process again before storing in a large Zip Lock bag overnight to marinate.

The next morning we rinsed the fabric until the water ran clear and then washed it separately in our machine. It was raining so I threw it in the dryer next…that made the un-stitched edge fray (which we LOVE the look of!!).

Easy Tie Dye Project!

Miss 8 adores the finished product and we really enjoyed making it together over the school holidays. You might also enjoy this FUN Tie Dye project.

Louise x

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