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November 27, 2020

DIY Minion Easter Bonnet

DIY Minion Easter Bonnet

My kids school hosts their Easter Bonnet Parade every year and I LOVE it! We won last years and my son put the pressure on for us to ‘win’ again. I told him that it’s obviously more about going out there and having fun but wanted to make him a cool hat just the same.

He loves Minions so we decided to run with that!

To make this hat for yourself you will need:

A yellow bucket

A hat (we bought a cheap yellow one at our local $2 shop)

A toilet roll

Black masking tape

Silver spray paint

Two large googley eyes

Glue Gun

Black permanent marker and a white paint pen

Black wool

Decorations – you can do whatever you like, but we decorated with easter grass, chicks and eggs

Step 1

Cut a length of masking tape and wrap it around the top 1/3 of your bucket

Step 2

Cut two rounds off your toilet roll to make the glasses and spray them with silver spray paint

Step 3

Draw on your mouth using the black permanent marker and use the white paint pen for the teeth

Step 4

Cut a few small lengths of wool (about 3 cmd long) and glue them to the top of the bucket for the Minion’s hair

Step 5

Glue on your googley eyes and toilet paper glasses (once dried)

Step 6

Glue your bucket to the hat

Step 7

Decorate with the grass, chicks and eggs!

Angry Birds Easter Hat

I hope you enjoy making your own Minion Easter Bonnet!

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Jen x

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