December 9, 2019

How our kids feel about us this Mother’s Day

 Love this quote!
This post is brought to you by KFC
When KFC shared their report findings about how Mother’s feel, they found these three key findings:
  1. 95% of Mums think it is tougher to be a Mum these days to when they were a kid
  2. Mums are battling kids on their phones, work/life balance and money to name a few but simply
  3. The ultimate Mother’s Day gift is to spend time with their familyWe don’t feel that these findings are that surprising considering the pressures that we are under as Mum’s ourselves these days. With the added amount of homework, extra circular activities, household demands, it’s understandable we sometimes don’t meet our own expectations – let alone when we start to compare ourselves to those Mum’s who seem to have it all together, which can often leave you feeling disheartened.
This is one of the main reasons why we started our website.  Our whole philosophy is to connect and have fun with our children as creating fun memories is ultimately what they will remember. (Not necessarily what level of Minecraft they are up to).
Mother’s Day should be about celebrating those fun and special moments.
We felt inspired by this cute video from KFC (below), that we decided to interview each other’s kids to find out what they really think about us as Mum’s.
Watch this video on kids ‘keeping it real’ this Mother’s Day!

We would love for you to join our mission to have fun and make precious memories with your kids. Simply browse through our website and pick an activity that you think your kids will enjoy doing with you. For one day, be in the moment, let the washing pile go, the dishes can wait and spend some quality time with your beautiful kids.
Jenni & Louise x

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    1. Thank you Vanessa! Happy Mother’s Day to you too! We hope you have a lovely day with your family :).
      Louise x

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