The Ultimate FUN Family Holiday!
November 27, 2020

The Ultimate FUN Family Holiday!

The Ultimate Family Vacation

Photo source – Atlantis The Palm

I don’t know about you but I love planning FUN family holidays…sometimes these holidays are placed on our ‘wish list’, you know the one, the list of places you’ll visit if and when you win the lottery! Would you like to know what our ideal family holiday would look like?

Something like this… (Brought to you by Nuffnang and Wotif)

In order to satisfy every member of our family we have a few key components to consider when choosing a family holiday. We are a summer and ocean loving family, we love to travel and experience new cultures with our two very active and inquisitive children! We aren’t the type of family that enjoys laying by the pool all day, we would rather be diving, exploring or climbing something!  Therefore our dream destination would need to be warm, coastal, cultural and filled with action and adventure!

We set about looking for a resort that would fit all of the above criteria, as well as ticking another country off our ‘bucket’ list! Atlantis The Palm Resort in Dubai meets all our criteria and much, much more!

Who wouldn’t want to experience the world’s longest waterslide?

Atlantis The Palm Resort Dubai - Longest Waterslide

Photo source – Atlantis The Palm

Or visit the 65,000 marine animals that call The Lost Chambers Aquarium home?

Atlantis The Palm Resort Dubai - Aquarium

Photo source – Atlantis The Palm

Or maybe you might like to combine both and test out the waterslide that literally goes THROUGH the aquarium! Yes…that’s a shark above their heads!! Cool!!

Underwater Slide at Atlantis The Palm Resort

Photo source – Atlantis The Palm

And who wouldn’t want to spend a romantic night dining in this marvellous restaurant while the children play in the wonderful Kids Club!

Atlantis The Palm Resort Dubai - Dining

Photo source – Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis The Palm Resort Dubai - Ultamate Kid's Club

Photo source – Atlantis The Palm

Not to mention all the adventure and cultural experiences that reside in Dubai itself! Like the world famous mall and ice skating rink, camel rides, desert 4-wheel driving and much, much more.

Family Camel Ride

Photo source – Trek Earth

I know what you’re thinking…’How do I book this amazing holiday of my dreams?’ Good thing you asked, simply head to and explore your own Wotifia! Wotifia is anyone’s travel utopia. You can search, compare and save $$ on your next dream holiday! You can be your own travel agent!! Make sure you also take advantage of the real reviews from guests who have stayed in each resort! Wotif is #1 for Australian Hotel Reviews!

Check out this amazing video based on the ‘Wotifia’ experience here.

We have been using Wotif for our travel needs for years! They offer a world of choice with over 13,000,000 rooms and 120,000 flights in 118 countries! You can expect to find the Best Deals and lowest rates in Australia and New Zealand. You can search. compare and save on rooms, flights and packages. They’re also available 24/7 with award winning customer support.

Guess what? You could turn your ultimate family ‘Wotifia’ holiday into REALITY thanks to this amazing competition from Wotif!

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So The Atlantic Palm Resort…we challenge YOU to realise our dream and send us to visit so we can do a real review!



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