February 12, 2020

TLC for Kids Charity

We were very fortunate to be invited and involved in the recent  ‘Blogger’s BBQ’ event organised by Kid’s Business. A highlight of this event was getting to know and hear about an Australian Charity called TLC for Kids. We walked away wanting to spread awareness for them and their charity work, we chose to write this blog on what they’re all about.

TLC for Kids is Australia’s sole provider of immediate distraction and urgent relief for all children in hospitals and their families, nation-wide.TLC for kids support sick children who have fallen through the gaps of the existing healthcare network – subsequently being used in over 400 hospitals across Australia, and in over 650,000 medical examinations and procedures, annually.

Distraction Box

TLC for Kids also run a wonderful program where they provide hospitals with ‘Distraction Boxes’ to help distract and engage the children whilst they’re being cared for. Here’s an exert from their website ~

Distraction diverts attention away from the procedure by focusing the child’s attention on an object or activity. This relaxes the child, aids cooperation and lessens their awareness of pain. A more relaxed, co-operative child results in reduced anxiety for the child, parent, and professional, and overall a smoother procedure.

TLC for kids is the only children’s charity in Australia providing this type of relief, we provide TLC Distraction Boxes free of charge to public hospitals across Australia.

We have both had children in hospital over the years and it was a very stressful and scary time for everyone involved – we both believe that a Distraction Box would have helped in each situation – anything to help the children (and therefore their parents) is a blessing.

We support TLC for Kids and hope you will too.

Jenni & Louise xx

TLC for Kids

*Kids Business Communications hosts the Bloggers BBQTM and Bloggers BrunchTM series of events where bloggers and brands meet and mingle. These events also raise awareness and funds for different charities. For more information www.kidsbusiness.com.au

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