November 17, 2023

Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags!

Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags 2

This is such a lovely way to personalise Christmas Gift Tags. They are easy & fun to make and look so adorable!

To make your own you will need

White card stock

Permanent black pen

Red & brown beads

Teeny googley eyes

Brown paint


Craft glue


Paint Brush

Hole punch

A pre made gift tag (to trace your tag) or you can ‘free style’ it

Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags

Start by preparing your gift cards by tracing around a store bought card onto your white card stock (as mentioned, you can use a ruler & pen to draw your own if you like). Then cut them out.

Then add on your thumbprints (a great tip is to paint the kids thumbs as you can control how much paint goes on them…and all over the room : ) Now stamp them gently on the card.

Once your thumbprints are dry – use your hole punch to make one hole at the end for the ribbon to thread through.

Then decorate!

I stuck on the teeny googley eyes & beads first (notice Rudolph is in the mix : ) then drew on the antlers (you can see I have done two different versions of the antlers/ears)

Then write on the names and who the gift is to, thread through your ribbon and you have yourself an adorable personalised gift tag! I bet the Grandparents keep these ūüôā

Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags

Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Cards

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