November 17, 2023

Painting with Marbles to create a MASTERPIECE

Marble Painting

Painting with Marbles to create a MASTERPIECE

This is such a simple and fun way for your kiddies to make a piece of art. Miss 2 thought this was the coolest!

To make your own, you will need:



Shoe box

White Paper or Card


Sticky tape

Containers for the paint

MP 9

Take your shoe box and put it on top of your piece of paper/card and trace the base of it

Cut out the outline of this tracing

Add some sticky tape (rolled over for the ‘double sided tape’ effect) to each corner of the card

Stick the paper/card to the bottom of the shoebox

Marble Painting

Add a different splash of paint colour to each container and drop in a few marbles into each.

Swirl the container around ensuring all of the marbles are covered.

Marble Painting

Drop the marbles into the box in various places and get rolling!! This is where the fun begins!

Marble Painting Marble Painting Marble Painting

It’s as easy as that! Doesn’t it look great!

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3 thoughts on “Painting with Marbles to create a MASTERPIECE

  1. At pre-school we applied this method but used a large sheet of paper and let play cars (“matchbox” type) “drive” down the paper at an angle. We used a wedge from our outdoor play area but you could set up something different that would fit the paper, about a 45 degree angle. It turned into a beautiful art piece that we have on the wall in our classroom. The students want to do it again. They had a lot of fun seeing just where the cars would land at the bottom of the paper. We had a catch block at the bottom to contain the faster cars from rolling across the floor.

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