November 17, 2023

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

There is no such thing as a child’s birthday party without CUPCAKES! With the Robot Themed Party my son had decided on, I knew I had to make my own ROBOT Cupcake Stand! Here’s how you can make your own!

You will need:

2 round baking/pizza trays

1 small round cake pan

2 squares of cardboard covered in alfoil

4 tin/soup cans – all the same size

1 small cardboard box (for the head)

1 slinky (I purchased mine at my local $2 shop)

2 large googly eyes

1 pack of LED lights (with batteries) –  I purchased my set for $3.99 at my local $2 shop  : )

Silver spray paint

Glue gun

1 ‘robot mouth’ (I googled ‘heart monitor images’ to find my image – attached below).

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

Start by spray painting your cardboard box (for the head) and allow it to dry.

Then move on to covering your two cardboard squares with alfoil (tape down at the bottom).

photo 2

Then glue on two of the cans for the ‘legs’.

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

The next step is to glue on one of the pizza trays which will be come the first tier of the cupcake stand – you will need to test out exactly where it will fit to get the correct balance. I marked on the bottom of the tray where I was going to add the glue with a texter.

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

Next, glue on a third can to the first tier of the stand.

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

Then add the second pizza tray (using the same method as before).

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

Your fourth can can then be glued into place. You will then glue on top of this your small round cake pan. Now that you have this section complete, take your (now dried) cardboard box robot head & pierce holes around the perimeter of his ‘face’ for your LED lights to poke through.

Robot Cupcake Stand

Once I had done this, I added a little hot glue to each hole to ensure the lights stayed in place. I then added the battery pack inside of the head, leaving one side of the box open so I could access it to turn the lights on and off as needed.

Then glue on your slinky as pictured.

Glue on your googly eyes and robot mouth (I laminated my mouth but this is not a necessity) and you are done VOILA!

My little man, was so excited when he saw the finished result! It was worth every second (I completely enjoyed making this!). All of his little friends were gathered around looking at Robot Cupcake Stand. It looked pretty cool at night too : )

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!Robot PartyRobot Party

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8 thoughts on “DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

  1. This is just awesome! Thank you for such complete & easy instructions, I can’t wait to make one of these for my sister! She’s a robotics engineer and she loves to collect all-things-robot, but she is not crafty for the life of her! She is gong to flip when I show up with this loaded down with cupcakes for her birthday! Again…. Thank you for the great craft idea!

  2. I just found this and I’m blown away – you are so creative! This is amazing! Can’t wait to make it for my son’s 2nd bday. Thank you!

  3. Love this ! because we wer camping we decided to go with gems and created a real girly robot with soft hair of garland, she turned out beautiful !! would love to have shared her pic!

    1. Hi Christina,

      That sounds wonderful! You could share a photo on our facebook wall if you are on facebook? Louise x

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