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June 18, 2020

DIY Easter Topiary

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I will use any excuse to ‘Craft it Up’ and Easter is no different!. I am having my husband’s family at our house for Easter this year. We have so much fun! ¬†We have an Easter Egg Hunt, an Easter Egg toss & last year we threw ‘Magic Jelly Beans’ on the garden in the morning & by the afternoon, they had grown into Lolly Pops! (the kids thought this was the BEST thing to ever happen to them and it was so lovely to watch!) That’s definitely a new Easter tradition of ours now!

Anyway, I wanted to have a centre piece for the table that the kids would like so I came up with this! It’s so easy to make it’s ridiculous!

What you will need
What you will need

You will need

Styrofoam balls x 2 (found in most craft stores)

A Dowel Rod (or any ‘stick’ you like)

Baby Chicks (found everywhere in the lead up to Easter)

A Basket (to stand your Topiary)


Glue Gun

Yellow Ribbon

Easter ‘Grass’ (again, found at most craft or $2 stores)


Insert the Dowel Rod into the Styrofoam Ball.

Wrap the yellow ribbon around the rod & glue periodically to secure.

Then it’s just a matter of pinning or glue-gunning the chicks into/on to the ball, I think it’s better if you face all the little chicks the same way!

When you have covered the entire ball, make a bow & glue to the front of your creation.

Then place the other styrofoam ball into the basket & push in your Topiary!

Then cover with the grass. You could also add a few Easter Eggs to the top aswell! The perfect centre piece to your Easter Table!

Have fun!

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