November 27, 2021

Sonic Colours: Ultimate Game Review – Kid and Parent tested


We have had the pleasure of testing out the brand new Sonic Colours: Ultimate game which is a remastering of the 2010 Nintendo Wii title Sonic Colours.

What the game is about

Sonic the Hedgehog is of course the feature of the game. He is  loving his time in the Interstellar Amusement Park – created by Dr. Eggman.

The Amusement Park is powered by an alien race called the ‘Wisps’. The ‘Wisps’ have their own personality and powers. For example, ‘Cyan’ turns Sonic into a laser beam which allows him to blast through the game at hyper speed. ‘Orange’ turns Sonic into a rocket and can be fired up into the air to reach high places. They all need to be freed with Sonic’s help (and the players of course). Keep your eye out for the new Jade Wisp too. This clever little creature grants Sonic the ability to pass through walls easily and levitate like a ghost to reach otherwise impossible areas. 

The features

The game has amazing graphics with bright, stunning visuals and a new game mode with other additional features too but the main feature I have found with this game is the way it has helped me reconnect with my son…

How it helped me reconnect with my son

I’ve not really played a lot of games with the kids because they’re usually playing each other (and I’m never ‘good’ at it). When I saw my son playing this game with such excitement, I decided to give it a go.

I really love the fact that there is a ‘mini-game’ inside the game called ‘The Game Land’. Because this realm is two player or ‘co-op play’, my sonwas able to lead me through different aspects of the realm and teach me how to play… he even waits for me to catch up bless him.

Why it helps

What I have found with kids sometimes is that they are not always in the ‘talking mood’. They often keep feelings and thoughts to themselves. What I have recently found is when they’re playing a video game with me and having fun, the conversation starts to flow. I have honestly found out more about their day when they’re playing the game then what I would get at the dinner table.

I am so grateful that I have been able to reconnect with my kids whilst playing these games. There is a lot of opinion out there on-screen time but in this instance, I have found it so important and I hope you do too.

A review from the kids

I asked my kids to write a little review on the game too:

My 13-year-old boy said this:

“The game is high quality and is really fun to play. The levels are all very creative and very exciting and challenging. The idea of the game is great, and I love to play it all the time. I would highly recommend this game and I give it a 10/10”.

My 10-year-old daughter said:

I liked the Sonic Colours game because it was very fun, and the graphics were great. I loved the effort the creators had put into it as it would have been a lot of work to create such an amazing game and the creators should be very proud. It was very cool because you can also play two player and I played with my brother. I absolutely LOVED the levels. Every level made me, and my brother laugh. Now I am addicted to this awesome sonic game and CANNOT stop playing it! 🤣

Giveaway time

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Sonic Colours: Ultimate game, we are giving away 3 copies of the game across PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch (9 copies total). Valued at $59.95/each to our Fun Mum Community!

All you need to do is tell us in 25 words or less what you and your family love about Sonic the Hedgehog. Add your entry via the comments section at the bottom of this post and cross your fingers! *UPDATED* Please also note what game console you use (no need to count that in your 25 words).

Entries Close 11/10/21 at 11.59pm EST.

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56 thoughts on “Sonic Colours: Ultimate Game Review – Kid and Parent tested

  1. My seven year old son loves Sonic the Hedgehog because he can run super fast. After seeing the movie he did sprints for days trying to get faster, even asking for new shoes like Sonic to help! He loves videogames and would be stoked to win this!

    1. Hi Cherie, we’ve just updated the blog to ask entrants to let us know which console they’re entering to win on. If you can reply to this comment to let us know. GOOD LUCK! Lou x

  2. We love Sonic the witty, blue, running machine! His games are colourful, fun and with a Switch on Christmas list we’d love a family game!

    1. Hi Sarah, we’ve just updated the blog to ask entrants to let us know which console they’re entering to win on. If you can reply to this comment to let us know. GOOD LUCK! Lou x

  3. Our family LOVE Sonic because his character is FUN and dynamic! He’s a classic to last the ages! Perfect game for our switch!

  4. Sonic is great!
    Overjoyed to play!
    Never ever dull!
    Incredible fun!
    Chose me to WIN!

    A switch game for my grandkids would be great!

  5. My boys love sonic. They always try to ‘run as fast as sonic ‘for their little athletics. Maybe a switch for Xmas and a game to play on it

  6. My kids 6 and 8 are both sonic OBSESSED! My son even has a sonic the hedgehog costume he wears proudly everywhere and he also says he is AS FAST as sonic! We have a Nintendo Switch 🙂

  7. My son loves all things Sonic. Of course his speed is what initially peaked his interest. I like the fact that he is kid friendly.

    System – Nintendo Switch

  8. Our 2 sons like Sonic because he’s so fast, our 8yr old says he’s fast just like me, maybe he has ADHD too

    System – PS4

  9. I’ve loved Sonic since I was a kid. I would love to introduce him to my kids to create a special family tradition. Sonic Saturday!
    Nintendo switch please

  10. It’s a hit because Sonic is a game that’s great fun for all ages adults and kids alike.
    Either PS4 or Switch please

  11. My 3 son’s love Sonic! We even had a sonic cake one year! And my youngest got blue shoes so it would make him “fast like Sonic”
    (Switch preference but on any console, we have each console because we’re oh so nerdy lol)

  12. My boys love Sonic as they like the futuristic feel and it’s so much fun to play. Would be perfect for the Switch.

  13. I used to play sonic on the sega until my eyes weeped with tears from concentration. My children aged 8/14/17 have not experienced this intense play. They would love to find out though what there mum has experienced and play the game themselves they own a PlayStation 4. I myself would love to play and compete with my children on the game . This would definitely bring back amazing memories

  14. Feeling nostalgic with my old friend Sonic. Happy for the kids to be on electronics! We’d love to win a game for the fam please.

  15. I love that a childhood favourite of mine is now a family favourite with my kids. We love playing together! Switch please

  16. I would love to see my kids playing Sonic just like I did as a kid with my siblings. They love Sonic the hedgehog as his super fast and super fun. Xbox one.

  17. I love Sonic because it’s survived over the years and now my kids can love it too. Anything that brings us closer is good on my book!

    We *finally* have a ps4

  18. I grew up playing sonic and my son also loved him! I’d love my daughter to play this game! She loved the sonic film!
    Nintendo switch

  19. My son loves sonic, he even dressed up as him for bookweek! He would just love to have the sonic game for his Nintendo switch, it would truly make his day!

  20. My boys love Sonic the Hedgehog! Specially my 8 year old who has ASD. From the games to the merchandise, they adore him. It would also be a great gift for my eldest son who is turning 11 this coming October 10. And a little bit of trivia, my son was born on 10/10/10. Hopefully luck is on our side to win the prize.

    Nintendo Switch

  21. Sonic brought us together. My husband introduced us to video games and Sonic was a huge bonding tool for him and my daughter (and still is).

    We play on both Switch and PS4!

  22. This looks like a great family game that will bring us all together for some family fun. Great way to bond with my three kids.
    Nintendo Switch would be awesome! ☺️

  23. My bonus sons are gamers. I’m not, but I loved playing as a kid. I use older characters like Sonic to bond with them.

  24. Sonic has been a classic since my own childhood and i love playing it with my kids and reliving the scenes in much better graphics! (Ps4)

  25. I played Sonic when I was a kid and my two love him from the movie. Would be wonderful to connect with Sonic Colours. (Nintendo Switch)

  26. I’m not great at video games either but Sonic’s ageless games makes it easier to bond with the kids doing something they love together.

    Nintendo Switch

  27. This is the most rewatched movie in our household. My son loves Sonic’s speed and wit. I love the joy he gets watching it 🙂
    Nintendo Switch

  28. I love the fact I played Sonic as a kid and now my son is obsessed with it, also my stepdad loved it years ago and now my son and Poppy both can play it together.
    “Nintendo Switch”

  29. Reveling in gaming pleasure I played Sonic at a cousin’s as unaffordable for us. Old is gold and would love to share with my son!!
    (Nintendo Switch)

  30. I grew up playing sonic and my kids love the cartoon and movie. I’d love a chance to play the new game with them.

    Ps4 or switch thank you

  31. My 2 little energiser bunnies love running around & jumping just like sonic! And would love to recreate his moves through a game!

  32. *Nintendo switch*
    Mr 7- I like him as he runs so fast like zoom zoom zoom.
    Miss 9- I like how he can teleport through rings in the movie and how he looks like a blur when he runs past.

  33. Sonic the hedgehog has been around for so many years and still remains relevant and exciting for today’s kids. We love Sonic!

    Nintendo switch please

  34. Nintendo Switch please. Sonic is a classic video game that is for all ages to enjoy, he doesn’t discriminate

  35. Hubby and I love that we can play and share our sonic experiences with our kids 9yr girl & 10yr boy. Sonic is good clean fun!
    Console: Nintendo Switch

  36. My children would love to win this Sonic game for there switch.But I’m sure they would have to get me and my husband off first Who!! Lol.Who doesn’t like sonic!!

  37. Would love to win this for the switch! Looks like a great family game where I can (try) and beat my boys! I mean they beat me at Mario ‍♀️

  38. My kids love sonic because he is fast, friendly, cute and colourful! Would love this game for our weekly game night!

    Nintendo switch.

  39. Speedy Sonic is impulsive and reckless with a dash adventure, just like my 8yr old son. Gaming together shows his focus and determination.
    *Nintendo Switch*

  40. Oh Sonic – how many hours of my youth did I spend playing with you! I feel like this game could “up” my cool mum points!
    Nintendo Switch

  41. Sonic shenanigans played as kids
    Our families last cinema experience pre-covid
    New Console for Xmas
    Interplanetary amusement park fun
    Coming together all generations as one
    (Switch console)

  42. My three older kids loved the Sonic movie and have played a few sonic games on my phone and on console. I have fond memories of playing sonic the hedgehog on the original Sony Playstation when I was younger and love sharing that with them. They would absolutely love to have this new game. We have both a PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

  43. My kids love Sonic and his super Onic speed! As a parent, it’s safe gaming for impressionable kids ✅
    We have Nintendo Switch

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