November 16, 2023
10 Amazing Facts every Left Handed Kid needs to know

10 Amazing Facts every Left Handed Kid needs to know!

10 Amazing Facts every Left Handed Kid needs to know

Only the very luckiest of kids get to be left handed! You’re special and you should know some special facts about being a ‘leftie’!

Lefties are highly smart and some of the most popular inventors were left-handed like Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin. Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein were also lefties!  Did you know that left handed people have a greater sense of hearing?

Here’s a fun fact for our leftie gamers…left handed kids are often better at video games than their righty counter parts!

Left-handedness is hereditary and some example of other famous lefties are from the British Royal Family! The Queen Mother is a leftie, as is Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William!  

 Left handed people have a natural ability for multitasking! Lefties are very good artists and mostly follow creative careers! How cool is that! Mark Zuckerberg (who created Facebook) and Steve Jobs (who invented the iPhone) are both lefties.  

Lefties have reduced risks when it comes to ailments like ulcers and arthritis!

Did you know that it is TWICE as common for twins to be left handed?

If you love sport, then chances are your coach loves having you on their teams. If you can bat, catch or throw with your left hand, it’s harder for kids who use their right hands to know what’s coming! It really throws them off their game!

It’s a fact that left-handed kids are great at problem solving – often coming up with a lot of different solutions to one problem. How cool is that?

Did you also know that Left Handers have their very own day too? Make sure you celebrate ‘Left Handers Day’ on August 13th to celebrate what a special kid you are! 

If you’re a leftie, you should celebrate your leftiness and own it! Congratulations on being only 10% of the population. That makes you special!

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