November 29, 2022

How to manange your kid’s screen time and get them helping with household chores

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We all know our kid’s have screens in their life. Some of us are in love with that idea, others, well not so much. Either way, it’s inevitable that screens and technology are a huge part of our modern kids lives. We personally feel that kids should earn their screen time and we’ve come up with a simple way that will get them helping you around the house in order to do just that!

If you would like to do this at your home, you will need:

  • A jar
  • Some large paddlepop sticks
  • A permanent marker

Simply write some chores you would like your kids to do on the paddle pop sticks and allot an amount of screen time. Depending on the size of the job you may want to add more or less time.

For example – vacuuming the house might be 30 minutes of screen time and unpacking the dishwasher might be 10 minutes worth of screen time The chores and the time alotted is completely up to you and your family.

Speaking of vacuums recently got to test drive the new Wertheim Evolution – the ultimate handstick from Godfrey’s.

This versatile stick vacuum comes with a convenient storage and charging stand which enables you to store the vacuum in any area of your house – without having to drill holes in the wall!

It has two batteries that charge in the stand which enables you to clean the whole house with fifty minutes of run time. You will never run out of battery power again.

It’s lightweight with a deep cleaning power head perfect for both hard and soft floors. With its cyclone technology, it will leave your house super clean with healthier air thanks to the HEPA filtration system.

It has a boost function which gives you extra suction for any high trafficking areas or sand, mud, cat hair or in our case – glitter (lol).

It has plenty of accessories including a handy mini motorised pet brush to pick up all of that pesky hair. If you’re like us and have a pets at home, you will love this attachment.

It also has an upholstery brush, a 3 in 1 cleaning tool (great for dusting) and an angle attachment for cleaning awkward and hard to reach places like the top of an air conditioning unit or under the fridge.

With a continuous trigger – it’s great for kids to use so their little fingers don’t get tired. It’s also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Our kids now actually ASK to vacuum the floors and car to earn that sweet screen time. This system really is a win/win situation!

Let us know if you try this trick and home and how it works for your family and check out more details about the new Wertheim Evolution at Godfreys.

Jen & Lou xx

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