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November 27, 2020

NEW Batman & Batgirl PJs at Best & Less + Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Warner Bros. Consumer Products with DC Comics & Best & Less.

The nights are certainly starting to get cooler as winter approaches. Jen and I were both shocked when we pulled out last years’ Kid’s PJs to find they no longer fit. I can’t believe just how much our kids have grown – especially their legs!! We regularly shop at Best & Less for our kids clothes and were thrilled to learn they have a couple of cool new kids PJ’s featuring Batman & Batgirl (about time Batgirl got her own range of sleepwear).

These new sets also come with a FUN mask for the kids to play with (not to sleep in). Master 5 & Miss 6 were SUPER excited when they got to try them on for the first time – giggles and laughter. Not only do these PJ’s look great, they feel so soft and comfortable too. Master 5 has refused to wear anything else to bed for the past week – I can attest to the fact that they wash really well too ;).


These awesome sets are available in sizes 3-7 at Best & Less for a limited time only.

To help celebrate their release and with thanks to Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Comics we have an awesome GIVEAWAY happening! We have 6 sets of PJ’s to GIVEAWAY! These gorgeous Best & Less sets have been provided by the team at Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Entry is free and easy! Simply leave a comment on this blog post creatively answering this question – “What super powers would your child have if they were a Super Hero and why?” Please also be sure to list which set you would prefer and the size. We will choose 6 lucky winners on the 22nd May.

Batman & Batgirl PJ Comp

Good Luck Fun Mums!!

Louise x

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40 thoughts on “NEW Batman & Batgirl PJs at Best & Less + Giveaway!

  1. My daughter would be a ninja like Katana from the Super heroe girls. She’s been doing taekwondo and wants to be like her

  2. Miller is super speedy, faster than a speeding bullet and certainly leaves me in his dust! I’m sure this skill will be useful one day (Olympic champion perhaps) rather than just plain exhausting to watch.

  3. Miller is super speedy, faster than a speeding bullet and certainly leaves me in his dust! I’m sure this skill will be useful one day (Olympic champion perhaps) rather than just plain exhausting to watch. Size 6

  4. My daughter would have a sonic voice
    Knocking baddies out with her song of choice.
    With a voice so loud she can burst eardrums
    It would be easy to knock the enemy on their bums!

    I’d love a girls set in a size 7 Thank you!

  5. My 3 yr old son loves to transform like his hero Optimus Prime. He curls up on the floor, makes the transforming sound, and slowly becomes Optimus. It’s even funnier when he wears the Optimus mask. His imagination is adorable! Sometimes he is Megatron. Sometimes he’s Lightning McQueen. So I guess he just loves to able to be whoever he wants. Which is great!
    Batman size 4

  6. Grandson master 5. Loves Batman because he has batman undies which he likes to zoom around in and save all his teddies from the villains.
    Size 6 batman please

  7. I would suggest my son tried out his…get a move on it’s time for school super powers, with hopefully of pack your bag, clean your teeth and yes please get dressed NOW….come as a special add on! So I would very much love the size 6 batman with these powers. Thankyou very much!

  8. Size 7 Batman please
    My nephew would love the power to be able to fix all things! He is already an avid carpenter and mechanic with his little tool set but he also has a heart of gold and is extremely sympathetic to all!

  9. My little man loves batman
    a cape , boots, utility belt
    Saving all humans, HE CAN!!
    The world harmonious
    would be felt!
    He also said super powers
    to clean all kids rooms 😀
    Because Mums faces would bloom!!

    size 3 boys thankyou

  10. My daughter would love to be high flying or high jumping. She loves to swing high, and just learned fairly recently how to get off the ground when jumping… And loves to jump! Girls set, size 5.

  11. My daughter would love a set of pjs. If she had super powers she would have the ability to fly – just like cat girl.

  12. My son would have the cast iron stomach. He eats everything he can get his hands on. Hopefully he would use his powers for good – like eating a bomb before it detonated. 😀
    Boys size 3 please

  13. My son has “creations” and “inventions” super powers. He sees a recyclable and has to use it in a “creation” which is an idea he sees in his head and he makes it come to life.
    Size 6 Batman 🙂

  14. My son would be super fast and strong as he moves so fast and loves to try and lift everything

    Size 3 batman

  15. My daughter said that her super powers are frozen ice to stop things with her hands and cheetah legs to run very fast.
    She would love size 7 bat girl pjs please.

  16. Batgirl is so much great
    I know she won’t wanna wait
    Get them on and be the super hero shes meat to be
    Size 5 please perfect batgirl PJ’s our family

  17. My daughters superpower would be to restore kindness and justice with the world. My daughter Sophie is a very sensitive little thing and gets very upset with injustice/unkindness etc of any kind. So she would make everyone kind and considerate and ensure they were wired to do right by everyone they came across in their life. A superpower we would all love I am sure! Thank you, Clare Girls size 7 please.

  18. My daughter ‘invisible like my mate Mr Nobody (he lives with us) and can do as I like when I like… or flower power so I can throw flowers whenever I like’.
    Son ‘mind power so I can read other’s minds and react accordingly’

    Boy size 7 and Girl size 6

    Thanks 🙂

  19. My son would have the ability to bring down mountains & buildings with a single roar! (he’s part Hulk/part Godzilla lol). We would love the Batman PJs in size 4 🙂

  20. My children have turned icy cold, Ahhhhh….
    It’s cryokinetic powers they would adore – the ability to freeze things just like in the movie Frozen. Snow and ice come from a place we are yet to see, so the ability to freeze things is pretty amazing to them.

    Batgirl size 7 please

  21. The power to talk to animals!
    My little ones are huge lovers of animals – Baa, Chirp, Ribbit, Roar!
    The power to communicate with animals could help sick and endangered animals to live happier lives all around the world, which is needed as one super hero in my world aspires to be a Vet. I’ve got to supper support that!
    I love that the pj’s come with the bat mask to get into a super fun batty spirit for bedtime.

    Boys Batman size 6 please

  22. The power to travel anywhere in the world by just thinking about it. Guess who gets to meet Santa at the North Pole and the Easter Bunny at any time of the year?

    Boys Batman Size 4 please

  23. Little miss 5 would be super chaotic but super kind. Her days are hectic but full of kindness. There’s no saving the world one day at a time here as it all needs to be done now! What better way to replenish her super powers at night than in these super cool pj’s (in a size 6 please)

  24. Little miss zooms around with arms stretched wide pretending to FLY!
    Her cape has become part of every day dress attire and no matter where we go it must come too!
    She is SUPER CUTE and so very keen and eager to take on the SUPERPOWER of FLIGHT!
    Size 3 Batgirl, TY 🙂

  25. Mindcontrol
    My boys control me with their love ❤
    I look into those big brown eyes and I’m mesmerised!
    Then I give in, probably way to easily.
    Watch out world they’ve got their eyes on you!!!

    As well as

    Superhuman Strength
    They love to flex and show off their muscles just like the Hulk. They tell me all the time that they are the strongest in the whole wide world. But really, when anyone needs a hand, their muscles are flexed and they’re only too happy to help using that superhuman strength they’ve got.

  26. Little Miss 5 is obsessed with birds. Her choice of super-power would be flying so she could fly with her favourite animals (awesome choice)!

    Girls Size 5 please

  27. Three active kids who love to climb,
    One climbing tower at our park that is oh so high,
    They climb it trying to touch the sky,
    I watch on in horror everytime!
    The closer they get to the top,
    The more the tower shakes and rocks,
    My heart nearly stops!
    Wall Climbing Superpowers my superheros need,
    So they can continue their love to climb oh so high safely and my heart can continue to beat!

    (Boys pj’s size 7)

  28. My boy’s superpower would have to be,
    His super fast speed, obviously,
    He is cheeky and very sweet,
    But is so very quick,
    On his two little feet.

    If he won,
    He would like the boy one,
    Age five would be too tight,
    Yet six to seven would fit just right.

  29. For a tiny dancer who could twirl all day it’s twirling powers. She tells me her superhero costume would be pink with a tulle ballerina skirt made for super-twirling. I best be good or else she might just send me into a never ending twirl! Batgirl please in size 3

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