November 29, 2022

Boss Baby Movie Review + Giveaway!

Easter School holidays are in FULL swing and we always love to take the kids to see a movie, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh popcorn and the hope that Mum might buy you a choc-top…even though it’s only 10am!

We had heard great reviews from friends about Boss Baby so we keen to catch it at the movies ourselves and it did not disappoint.

This movie was created by DreamWorks Animation and is based around a boy and his new baby brother who wears a suit, speaks with the voice of a corporate executive (Voice of Alec Baldwin), and whilst all his parents see is a wonderful new addition to the family, his older brother sees him for who he really is…a baby on a special secret mission. This movie really showcases the older brother’s vivid imagination and is FULL of funny moments (Jen and I were laughing along with the kids too!).

The BOSS BABY explores what it means to be a family in a way that is both hilarious and heartwarming making it a great addition to your school holiday bucket list. Check out the clip below.

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We would LOVE to give you the opportunity to go see the movie too! We’re running a giveaway where ONE lucky winner will get 2 in-season double passes to see the movie (4 tickets in total). Simply leave a creative comment here telling us what attributes you would most like if babies were ‘made’ in a factory! The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 18th April and notified by email.

Boss Baby Movie

Good luck FUN Mums!

Jen & Lou x

Thank you to Twentieth Century Fox for issuing our tickets and the prizes. 

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22 thoughts on “Boss Baby Movie Review + Giveaway!

  1. My two eldest children love laughing at the cute things their baby sister does so they would love this movie.

  2. If babies were made in a factory I would love to include a button that stops babies from crying haha.

  3. If babies were made in a factory perhaps they could be ‘programmed’ to poop at particular times and be made with an on-off-try me switch 🙂

  4. Babies that sleep would be a dream come true-
    Even better if they came toilet trained too!
    Sweet smiles and giggles and hugs galore-
    Would make a perfect baby- I’d even be tempted to have one more!

  5. Attributes you would most like if babies were ‘made’ in a factory – let’s see…..self-wrapping poops, no mess no fuss! And an option to twiddle baby’s ear and turn tears into giggles :)) It would also be fab if they came with a “translator” device, so we could understand what those gaga googoos really meant!

  6. No poosplosion option, sleep button for long drives or grocery shopping trips, ultimate baby smell that never fades!

  7. If babies were to be made in a factory … there would be one thing I would like/love … to be able to talk to you and tell you their wants and needs … and that they had the capability to make mom recover instantly!

  8. Definitely a MUTE button #1
    If I had an option #2 it would be FREEZE!!!
    So when they get to toddling you can stop them in their tracks from bolting away

  9. I put this one in my 5 year old son’s hands to answer, without hesitation,
    He said a baby would need to know how to dance.

  10. I think a handle on the back and a bung hole stopper would make life much easier. Throw in a usb charger and you got a winner

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