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September 3, 2020

Girls Got Grit – our FUNNEST weekend yet!

Louise and I are very lucky when it comes to our ‘job’. We get to have fun crafting with our kids AND are often offered ‘famils’ to road test some fun holidays. I think this one was our FUNNEST (it’s totally a word by the way).

We were invited by Australian Offroad Academy to go to Frazer Island for a ‘Girls Got Grit Glamour‘ Weekend. Louise is used to 4WDing as she does a lot of it with her family, I however was not up to speed so to speak. If you were to ask Dave (our courageous group leader) he would tell you that I am so up to speed that I need to slow the heck down!

Here’s Dave/’Dad’/Bear showing us the ropes on tyre pressure (yep, I actually know what to do now!).

Upon arrival at the beautiful King Fisher Bay Resort we were introduced to the rest of our ‘gang’ which just happened to be a group of amazing, inspiring, hilarious, adventurous and FUN women (yay) and shown to our beautiful room to unpack.

Then we were ushered down to the King Fisher Bay Resort Island Day Spa for a relaxing massage! Ok, I could get used to this!

The Girls Got Grit Glamour weekend is designed to teach girls how to talk the torque on the 4WD track but also to relax and enjoy getting pampered. This is an absolutey brilliant way to learn the ropes or refresh your current skills. There were women with no 4wding ability (me) and women who have years of experience but we all learnt so much! After a busy day on the (off)road, it’s champagne & cheese platter time down at the Sunset Bar.

Backpackers and travellers come from all over the world to see this stunning sunset. I’ve never seen anything like it!

We did a LIVE video on Facebook during the sunset, you can check it out below:

The resort really is fantastic, it’s great for families, they even cater for weddings!

I have to say that both the Seabelle and Maheno restaurants are just divine! There really is so much to choose from. We also had a ‘cocktail making’ night which was super fun!

You can see us LIVE on Facebook making a special Paging Fun Mums Cocktail below:

Now there is glamour that is for sure, but there is also a serious amount of grit! I will admit that I am a bit of a ‘girly girl’, but getting down and dirty is just the ticket when it comes to relieving stress and having a damn huge amount of fun! The Australian Offroad Academy have a purpose built 4×4 track on the Island…it is not for the faint hearted. Dave says that there is nothing on Fraser Island that is harder to conquer than this track, so once you are trained well, there is nothing stopping you..I have to say, I might be a bit of a natural, because I owned those hills like a BOSS! The squeals of excitement (and perhaps occasional swear words) could be heard from the treetops! Seriously, if you haven’t gone 4wDing before (and I mean actually driving the vehicle) you NEED to put it on your bucket list!

You can get a taste of us learning the ropes on the track via our LIVE Facebook video below:

Frazer Island is simply stunning! With fresh water lakes, ancient rain forests, amazing sand blows and a world famous ship wreck just to name a few!

The ‘Maheno’ Wreck is a stunning thing to see. It’s still in such prime condition and is amazing up close.

Lake McKenzie…oh Lake McKenzie! The most beautiful thing you could see. Fresh, aqua waters to just melt right into..and we did! Ahhhh!

The humongous Trees in ‘Pine Valley’ are just divine. Once there, you must hug at least one!

I can’t explain how amazing this weekend was, I want to go back and do it all over again every day since!

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Jen x

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