November 16, 2023

Our Gift to Grover…a cute card & adorable personalised Pom Pom!

Our Gift to Grover

We had the best time the day we got to interview the adorable blue monster Grover! You can read all about it on our blog here including an adorable video with our kids!

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we wanted to send Grover a card and a gift as a token of our appreciation. Of course we did it Fun Mum style! We made him an adorable card and a very cute pom pom (if we do say so ourselves).

We have all the interactions for you to make them yourselves too! The card would make a super cute invitation for a Sesame Street party!

To make the card you will need:

1 sheet of cardboard

1 sheet of blue, white, pink, black, pink & red felt



DIY Grover Card

Step 1

Glue your blue felt onto the cardboard

Step 2

Cut two oval shapes out of the white felt and glue them on as above

Step 3

Cut out a large oval from the pink felt for his nose and glue on

Step 4

Cut two small circles for his pupils and a smile out of the black felt

Step 5

Cut a ‘smile’ from the red felt and glue on as above and you are done!

DIY Grover Card

The kids wrote an adorable personal message inside for Grover!

So then we made the very cute Grover style Pom Pom. I made this with my hand following this youtube clip:

Once your Pom Pom is made, it’s just a matter of glueing on two white pom poms for the eyes and a pink pom pom for the nose. I cut tiny circles from a black sheet of felt for his pupils and glued them on.

I then cut a small circle from the same black sheet, folded it in half and glued this to the middle of the pom to create a wide mouth and ta da! All done. We really hope Grover loves our gift!

Adorable DIY Grover Pom Pom

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