November 29, 2022

Easy Cheese & Vegemite Scrolls

Vegemite Scroll Recipe

Whenever we visit my local bakery my kids request Vegemite Scrolls, I usually buy half a dozen small ones for around $6. Every time I buy them I wonder why I don’t try to make them myself at home! So I searched through some recipe websites and found many sites used the exact same one.

This recipe is SO easy to make and PERFECT for cooking with kids. My three year old was able to do 80% of process himself which made him super proud when he showed them to his big sister as soon as she was home from school.

He loved crumbling the butter and flour using his hands and pinching it with his fingers (great motor skill & sensory activity). He poured in the milk and did most of the mixing himself, then was delighted to knead the dough.

Cooking with kids! Vegemite Scroll recipe.

He needed my help to roll the dough out and evenly ‘paint’ the dough with Vegemite, then sprinkle with cheese. We then worked together to roll up and cut the dough to form our spirals. I placed them in the oven. I needed to cook mine for an extra 5 mins than what the recipe suggested.

Easy Vegemite Scrolls - such a great recipe to make with kids!

How did they taste? Not quite like the bakery ones (I think they use a bread base) these were very similar to damper with cheesy Vegemite! They were YUMMY and the last ones made it the school lunch box today.

Easy Vegemite Scroll Recipe

You can find the simple recipe here.

Cooking with kids! Learning through cooking.

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Louise x

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