November 16, 2023

Adorable Tooth Fairy ideas – Featured Etsy Store

Adorable Tooth Fairy IdeasThis post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

There is nothing  more special than when your child loses their first tooth. It’s such a magical experience. It’s not like their first Santa or Easter Bunny experience because when they lose their first tooth, they are old enough to ‘get it’. To understand the magic & whimsy behind it!

Here are some awesome ideas to make this first time (and every one of them after it) the most special it can be!

Tooth Fairy Door

Check out this adorable Tooth Fairy Door! The perfect addition to any child’s room to make the night more magical! You can purchase one here!

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Every child needs a place to store their lost tooth! This one is particularly adorable with the poem! Click here to get one for your family!

Tooth Fairy Letter

Ok, SERIOUSLY! How adorable are these teeny tiny letters from the Tooth Fairy herself! It even comes with a gorgeous certificate! You can check it out here.

A gift from the toothfairy

This is so sweet! A tooth fairy that drops off a very special keepsake on her visits! You can get one of these special trinkets here.

Fairy Tooth Fairy PillowGet your child their very own personalised tooth fairy pillow that they can bring out for that special occasion when a tooth disappears! This is a beautiful keepsake that your child can pass down to theirs! Buy your own here.

Tooth Fairy Pillow purple

Here’s another gorgeous tooth fairy pillow! Extra sweet for little girls! You can buy your special little girl one here. They would make for an adorable gift too!

letter kit

This adorable tooth fairy kit helps keep the wonder alive and imagination soaring! It contains handy notes to leave out for the tooth fairy and a little string that can hang the kit on the door. So cute! You can buy yours here.

Tooth Fairy Box

Love this precious handmade wooden box – the perfect gift for that special little guy. Get yours here.

Magical Tooth Fairy Quarter

This magical tooth fairy quarter is hand stamped, so each piece is unique. A very special item to keep in the family for generations! Buy yours here.

Personalied Tooth Fairy Bag

This personalised tooth fairy bag is beyond adorable! Gorgeously hand stitched with your child’s name on the back. Purchase yours now here.

Teeny Tooth Fairy Dish

This teeny tooth fairy dish is handmade and personalised. Such a precious way to leave our teeny teeth for the tooth fairy! You can buy yours here.

Hand crocheted tooth fairy pouch

This tooth fairy money pouch is hand crocheted and is the cutest thing ever! Head here to order yours and help your little ones enjoy the magic of this special milestone by giving them this little handmade tooth keepsake.

Lost tooth reporting kit

I love this lost tooth report kit! So whimsical and adorable! Comes with 25 reporting forms in a handy notepad to document the occasion (enough for every tooth!), a commemorative certificate printed on heavyweight cotton paper replete with official gold seal to be signed by the Tooth Fairy and a tooth-loss record keeper on the reverse side of the certificate! Head here to purchase your kit!

TF door

How precious is this tooth fairy door! Your child will have fun placing their lost tooth in the little wooden pot before going to bed, and then waking up to see what surprise the tooth fairy has left for them on the Magic Fairy doorstep. Magic Tooth Fairy Door is perfect for adhering to a wall, hiding in a bookcase, or placing on the molding of a doorway. Door includes three strips of double sided tape and can be easily applied to any smooth clean surface. Purchase your adorable door here.

I just lost my tooth photo prop

This printable chalkboard is the perfect way to capture such a magical moment! You can get yours here.

Tooth Fairy Stop Here

I love this ‘tooth fairy please stop here‘ sign! So much magic and imagination for your little one! You can buy one for your child here.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these adorable tooth fairy ideas!

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