November 16, 2023

Non-pink clothes for girls – I’ve found a great online store with lots of variety!

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My 7 year old doesn’t love to wear pink…she never has! This doesn’t bother me in the slightest…what does bother me is the lack of young girl’s clothing that isn’t PINK!!

I’ve finally found some amazing and equally beautiful outfits (at reasonable prices) here at Next! They even offer FREE  shipping on orders over $3o and delivery within three – five working days!!

Here are some of my favourite non-pink options that can all be found via their beautiful website here.

Animal print – my daughter is going to rock this awesome dress! I want one for myself!

Animal print girl's dress - and that HAT!! Perfect!

The outfit below looks warm, comfy, cute and ADORABLE!

This girl's outfit is so cool and practical!

What wardrobe would be complete without this cool jacket!

Next Girls Clothing - Cool grey Jacket!

My daughter’s favourite colour is Khaki – probably because she wants to be a Zoo Keeper when she grows up :).

Next Khaki Jacket - my daughter would ROCK this look!

The below dress is definitely happening this spring! I love the tropical vibe!

Next Tropical Print Dress - so beautiful!

And yes, the below dress has pink but I know my daughter will adore it!! Who wouldn’t!

This girl's maxi dress is beyond beautiful!

And yes, there is plenty more pink, and other colours on their site too! And don’t even get me started on how cute the boy’s clothes are! Happy shopping!!

Louise x

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