November 29, 2022

Childhood Cancer Sucks…

Support for Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer Sucks…strong but true words. I’m sure we would agree that all forms of Cancer “suck” but childhood cancer really hits a nerve with us. Especially when it hits a family and friend of our own ‘online community’. A friend and a fellow Fun Mum who would give anything to rid her child of this disease.

In February 2015, our blogging friend and colleague Katey had the life changing news that her beautiful 18 month old boy Finlay had stage 4 hepatoblastoma.

Childhood Cancer Hepatoblastoma

Finlay has been courageously fighting this terrible cancer ever since with his amazing family always by his side. And he is undergoing surgery today having flown across the country from his home to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

Having seen the #justkeepdancing project started by Ellen Degeneres we knew we’d love to dance for Finlay and donate what we could to his family (via his GoFundMe page ) and to ongoing cancer research. We’d love for you to do the same. You can follow their story on facebook here.

Whilst Jenni and I write this blog post, our children play happily in the park beside us…I bet Katey would give anything to be in our shoes. Our hearts bleed for Katey but they also send strength to Finlay for his fight. His battle will be EPIC, his family need our support as will so many other families who are fighting this battle.

These stats are terrifying but arming ourselves with knowledge is the only thing we can do.

Childhood Cancer Facts:

  •         #1 Killer of Australian Kids from disease
  •         The causes of Childhood Cancer are unknown – there is no prevention
  •         98% of Childhood Cancer survivors will develop chronic medical conditions as a result of their treatments
  •         4 Families hear the words ‘Your child has cancer’ every day
  •         3 kids die from cancer every week, between 150 and 160 every year
  •         Childhood Cancer is NOT the same as Adult Cancer
  •         1000 Kids aged 0 – 24 will be diagnosed with Childhood Cancer every year

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you today Katey. Here’s a little dance by Miss 4 to help spread awareness and support for you and everyone fighting childhood Cancer! We challenge all our followers to do the same :).


Lots of love!

Jen & Lou xx

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