November 17, 2023

Fun Christmas Craft Idea using Homemade Foam Paint!

Easy Christmas Tree Craft - made using homemade foam paint!Here’s a fantastic and frugal way to create some textured Christmas Cards or  Ornaments for family and loved ones!

What you’ll need – 

  • A small rectangle of brown cardboard
  • Cardstock or Blank Cards
  • 1/2 Cup of White PVA Glue or School Glue
  • 1/2 cup of Shaving Cream
  • Green Food Colouring
  • Sandwich sized ziplock bag
  • Beads
Instructions –
Step one – Making the homemade paint!
I find it’s easiest to line a ceramic mug using the ziplock bag as pictured, pour 1/2 cup of glue into the cup, mix in some green colouring, then fill the remainder of the cup with shaving foam, close the ziplock and gently squish the bag to mix the colour (my daughter loves this part!).
How to make Foam Paint at home!
Step Two – Making the card!
Simply glue a small rectangle of brown cardboard to make the base of the tree, then cut a corner from the ziplock bag to act as a piping bag. Simply pipe the paint to form a triangle shape and add some beads to decorate your tree. Place your card somewhere safe to allow it to dry (ours took around 4 hours to dry).
Fun Christmas tree craft!
These would make great great ornaments with the cardboard cut out, maybe even some lovely golden stars using yellow colouring and gold sequins!
We hope you enjoy this FUN Christmas craft activity! You might also enjoy some of the Christmas Crafts and Recipes found here. 

Louise x

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