November 17, 2023

Our Amazing Adventure and Awesome Gift ideas for loved ones

Our Amazing Adventure

We are so lucky to be working with Groupon and we wanted to show you first hand how easy it is! Oh and telling you about our…wait for it…HELICOPTER RIDE!! Eeeeeeeeeeep!

If you’re anything like me, then you like to buy gifts that are a little different. I like to gift an ‘experience’ sometimes to change things up from the regular ‘material gift’. My brother just had V8 Adventure on the weekend that we bought for his 30th birthday and LOVED it! I have sent my husband (then boyfriend) Skydiving, we also gifted my sister in law a Skydive adventure too.  My Mum is always happy to receive massage vouchers from me because it’s something she wouldn’t do unless she was gifted it.

This is why I love Groupon. They offer an experience that loved ones will never forget (pretty sure that ugly jumper I bought my brother for his birthday in 2008 is long forgotten). It’s a place to find the ultimate Christmas gift for anyone on your list.

Here are the Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for loved ones!

Helicopter Ride

Scenic Helicopter Ride

We were super lucky and got to do this over one of the most beautiful coast lines in the world – the Gold Coast! We flew with Aviation Airways who went above and beyond & were completely amazing! Our Groupon deal was easily booked online (and you can do it on their very swish app) and all we had to do was arrive at the gates and after a quick safety brief, board our special ride!

Louise & I took our big kids whilst the little ones stayed & watched with the Dad’s at the airport. They LOVED it! The views are nothing other than spectacular and believe it or not, a helicopter actually feels completely safe (Louise will tell you all about my fear of flying…I am slowing recovering though and this ride really helped!).

The kids were busy spotting houses, people…and even ‘sharks’…although you would be able to definitely see them up there – it wasn’t our day (thank goodness!). The kids thoroughly enjoyed speaking to each other through their head sets and our beautiful pilot Ebony was having a good old giggle at their conversations.

Now I am 37 and it’s my FIRST time in a helicopter…Miss M & Master L are only SIX!.  They were not scared one little bit and were beyond excited! We can all tick that off the bucket list! A great gift idea for the brave!

Chopper Selfie..

We’re just a little bit excited!

Gold Coast from a Helicopter Birds Eye View of the Gold Coast

LOOK AT THE VIEW!! It was truly amazing!

Waterworld Central

Waterworld Central

My kids are absolute water babies and nothing would make me happier than seeing their little faces light up when we drive up to a place like this! I always loved water parks as a child so it will be fun to share this experience with them. I want this gift for myself

Aus zoo 2

Australia Zoo

I can honestly say that this place is amazing! People fly from all over the world to visit Australia Zoo and we are lucky to have it in our backyard! The ultimate gift for an animal loving family!

Kite surf

Kite Surfing

How COOL would this be! My kids would be super impressed if I could nail this! Great exercise too!

Jet Boat Ride

Jet Boat Ride

This would be the ultimate adrenaline ride right?! High speed, fast stunts! You can’t go wrong if you ask me! Groupon have 50% off deals on some of these rides at the moment too! WINNING!

I can’t wait to get shopping for my family on Groupon this Christmas and I recommend doing that yourself. They truly have amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list and it will save you money! Winning 🙂

Here are some other FUN suggestions for you too! Visit Sydney Tower, try scuba diving or head to the river for some activity fun!

Head to Groupon to check out the above experiences and so many more.

Jenni x

This post is coordinated by The Remarkables Group

This post is sponsored by Groupon

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