How we reconnected as a family at the Paradise Resort Gold Coast
June 17, 2020

How we reconnected as a family at the Paradise Resort Gold Coast

Family friendly holiday resorts - a great way to reconnect as a family!!

Jenni and I have known each other for nearly 7 years, we’ve spent more time together than we have with our husbands, as strange as that sounds it would probably also surprise you to know we have actually NEVER had dinner together without our 4 kids (combined)…EVER! In fact we very rarely get to spend too much time together as a ‘whole’ family group, mostly due to our husbands conflicting work commitments and other regular activities, so when the opportunity (all expenses paid) came to spend an action packed weekend on the Gold Coast as a ‘whole’ family, with our blogging friend Sam from School Mum we JUMPED at the opportunity!! Who wouldn’t? After-all the end of the year can start to get more than a little crazy with all the school, work and personal commitments…things just seemed to be getting busier and busier, as a result we could feel ourselves getting caught in the rip-tide of ‘life’ pulling us in different directions while we were seeking for a life-raft. Do you ever feel like this?

When life is hectic and time is short it makes FUN so much MORE important! A quick and all inclusive holiday is just what is needed! Paradise Resort Gold Coast can give you just that!! Whether you want a resort where you don’t need to leave, or if you would prefer to have an easily excess-able ‘base’ to explore all the Gold Coast has to offer..they have the lot!!

We managed to check in a little early on the first day which gave us plenty of time to unpack and get settled into the amazing surroundings and activities! The kids swam, ate and played to their hearts content for the whole afternoon without once stating that they were ‘bored’ – that made us VERY happy and content parents!

Waterpark FUN at Paradise Resort Gold Coast

We then spent the evening being entertained by an Amazing Magician Nickleby (you might also recognise him from his appearance here at Miss A’s Birthday Party last year).

Magic show at Paradise Resort Gold Coast

The next day we set out to explore a little more of what the Gold Coast had to offer (you can book tickets and experiences to so many Gold Coast attractions through the Information desk at Paradise Resort) many of them are just a short walk, tram, taxi or drive away from the resort. We chose to spend the morning meeting some of the Gold Coast’s Wildlife Locals at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We were also very lucky to meet up with another blogging friend Penny (Mother Natured) who introduced us to some of her animal friends at the Sanctuary. Let’s just say that it took a little convincing to get this snake anywhere near Jenni! Surprisingly our two girls were more than happy to parade around with their new living accessory lol!

Brave girls at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was under some major construction and is due to launch some amazing and child friendly areas very soon…watch this space.

After an action packed morning we returned to the resort for a little quiet ‘rest’ time…we each had a standard room that accommodated 4 people – two singles and one double bed with a TV, modern bathroom and balcony. The rooms were surprisingly quiet (considering all the FUN that was happening outside) and very comfortable.

We then booked our kids into their inclusive Kid’s Club so we could experience our FIRST child free meal EVER since becoming friends back in 2008! This proved to be such a great experience for us all, as two couples…an opportunity to speak without little ears listening and intercepting at every opportunity. We talked about all the things that had changed since we first met on our maiden voyage into parenthood (antenatal class 2008)…SO many laughs and tears have been shared as two families and now we have an amazing blog to document that!

The kids were also treated to an outdoor movie…The Lego Movie was a huge hit with all the families staying in the resort!

Open air cinima at Paradise Resort Gold Coast

Our final day was spent relaxing within the Resort grounds – they have so many individual activities on offer! From crafts, shows, hair braiding and singing contests. Your kids will never be bored! Not to mention the INCREDIBLE water-park AND Indoor Ice Skating rink which our kids just LOVED!!

Having FUN on the indoor Ice Skating Rink at Paradise Resort Gold Coast!

Straight from the ice to the pool!

Mini Waterpark at Paradise Resort Gold Coast!

This short weekend holiday (gifted to us by Paradise Resort) was just what the doctor ordered! We really enjoyed the short break to regroup before the busy holiday period…we didn’t realise just how much we needed it until we experienced it!  It gave us time to play, not just as a family but as friends, family and we made memories that will last us a lifetime!

We would highly recommend the Paradise Resort for a FUN and family friendly holiday…it’s also GREAT value for money! Find all the booking details here! You might also like to read this review done by School Mum, find it here.

Louise x

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2 thoughts on “How we reconnected as a family at the Paradise Resort Gold Coast

  1. Oh my goodness L & J! I have so much to say, where do I start?!

    First, it was a pleasure to see you both again and even more warming to meet your lovely families. I’m so glad you had a lovely time at the park meeting my critters. I just adore the photos of the girls. I squealed with delight when I saw them. They were very brave and snake is totes their colour! he he

    Second, Nickleby is SO lovely. He used to be the Magician at CWS and we were all very sad to see him go. My kids just adore him. I’m so glad he’s still providing magical entertainment for little ones. He is just so brilliant!

    Third, and I better stop there because I’m now writing an essay, but I never knew Paradise resort had a ice skating rink and I live here! I think we might need to take a little holiday down the road!

    1. Thank you Penny! Once again, we are so grateful to come and visit you and watch you in ‘action’ at CWS – you are a SUPER STAR! The girls totally want permanent snake belts now 😉

      We love Nickleby too! He sure does the rounds! We think he is BRILLIANT! Such a humble, sweet guy!

      You should definitely head to Paradise Resort! It’s the best place for a relaxing holiday with the kids! There’s so much to do that they just pass out on their pillows as soon as they get to bed!

      Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful girls soon

      Jen (& Lou) xx

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