November 30, 2022

Egg Carton Spiders

Egg Carton Spider Craft

These creepy – yet extremely cute (if you ask me) spiders are the perfect decoration for Halloween! They are also a fun and inexpensive craft to make just because!

All you need is:

An egg carton

Black paint

Black Pom poms

Black Pipe cleaners

Small googley eyes

Craft glue or a glue gun

Egg Carton Spider Craft

Step 1

Cut the egg cartons into separate pieces

Step 2

Paint the egg carton pieces with the black paint and allow them to dry

Step 3

Take your black pom pom & glue on as many googley eyes as will fit – the more the merrier I say!

Step 4

Glue your googley eyed pom pom to the painted egg carton piece

Step 5

Cut 2 pipe cleaners in 4 (each) and bend them slightly towards the top end to make your spider legs

Step 6

Glue the legs onto your spider, allow to dry and you are done!

You could use fishing line to hang these cute critters too!

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