November 17, 2023

Sesame Salmon with warm Asparagus Salad

Sesame Salmon with warm Asparagus Salad

This Sesame Salmon with warm Asparagus Salad is one of our favourite family recipes! It’s easy for me to make, tastes AMAZING, it’s healthy and it’s low in carbs for me! Sometimes I will add a baked potato to the side for hubby and the kiddies!

Want to make this delish dish for your family? I will teach you the ways ; )


4 Salmon fillets – skin removed

2 x fresh corn cobbs

2 x bunches of fresh asparagus

2 tbs sesame seeds

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 tsp finely grated fresh ginger

1 teaspoon of finely chopped fresh garlic

200g fresh rocket

2 tsp sesame oil

1 tbs olive oil

salt & freshly ground pepper


Step 1

Season both sides of the salmon with salt and pepper. Heat the olive oil n a large frying pan over medium/high heat. Add the salmon in batches and cook for 2-3 minutes each side or until golden brown but still pink in the middle. Add the salmon to a chopping board and set aside to cool slightly. Repeat with the remaining salmon. Cut the salmon into cubes.

Step 2

Meanwhile place the corn in a large seasoned saucepan of boiling water for approximately 5 – 7 minutes. Then add the asparagus for a further 2 – 3 minutes until tender & crisp. Drain and cut the corn off the cobb.

Step 3

Heat the frying pan over medium heat. Add sesame seeds and cook, tossing until lightly toasted

Step 4

Whisk together the soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sesame oil in a small jug. Place the rocket, asparagus & corn on a plate and add the cubed salmon on top. Drizzle with the sauce then sprinkle with the sesame seeds. YUM!

Would you make this Salmon dish at home for your kids? Let us know by commenting below.

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2 thoughts on “Sesame Salmon with warm Asparagus Salad

    1. Hi Cheri, it’s a delicious leafy veggie! You can get it at the supermarket – it is also known as Arugula 🙂

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