November 30, 2022

Nutella & Banana Sushi – includes easy video tutorial

Nutella & Banana Sushie

In our house Nutella is an absolute favourite…and that’s just me! The kids think it’s ok too ; )

We’ve tried many Nutella Recipes here at Paging Fun Mums such as:

Nutella & Strawberry Fudgcicles

Mini Nutella Cheesecakes

And all of them were an absolute hit so there was no doubt in my mind that these would be too!
I like this Nutella & Banana recipe for many reasons. Firstly, it’s totally delicious, secondly it looks so fun in the kids lunhboxes and thirdly because it’s healthy (ish).
Check out our easy video tutorial at the top of this post.
Ingredients needed: (per roll)
Nutella – I use about 1tbs
Banana x 1
Wholeweat Wrap (you can use whichever round wrap you like)
Nutella and Banana Sushi
Step 1
Lay your wrap on a bread board and slater with nutella
Step 2
Place the banana on top of your chocolate coating
Step 3
Roll the wrap as you would Sushi (or a Burrito)
Step 4 
Cut into 2cm sections and enjoy!
Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best!
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28 thoughts on “Nutella & Banana Sushi – includes easy video tutorial

    1. Hi Lina, just head to our home page & click on the link above the ‘Become a Fun Mum Member’ button (on the right hand side of the page) and follow the prompts! It will be great to have you with us! Jen x

  1. I imagine that it will be very simple & useful for my grandchildren.

    I will recommend this recipe to my daughters.

  2. OMG I just watched this video and thought to myself….you know….instead of usin tortillas….you could just put puff pastry in oven for awhile to bake then take it out put nutella on it then stick it back in oven for about 5 min. Then wrap banana….that would go better together!!!

  3. I wonder how these would freeze overnight so they’d still be a little cool in our lunchboxes by lunch time?

    1. Hi Julie, I’ve never had too much success freezing and then eating fresh banana once it’s thawed (I find it gets too mushy). It would be awesome served frozen on a stick though! Let us know how you go. Louise x

  4. I have made these for my son at home, and he loves them, but how do you keep the banana from getting brown and mushy for school?

    1. Hi Michelle, You can use a tiny bit of lemon juice on the banana. We use the Fridge2Go lunch boxes that keep their lunch perfectly refrigerated. Our kids never complain about them going brown or mushy. I hope that helps.
      Lou x

  5. Make them even better and fry them in some real butter, so the wrap turns golden brown. Before taking the wraps out, add a little sugar or golden syrup in with the butter so it caramelizes. Trust me… watch ur fingers or you’ll eat them!!

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