November 17, 2023

Playing Card Building Sets

Playing Card Building Set - a simple and FUN activity! From 101 Fun Kids Activities Book

Jenni and I have been  eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new Kids Activities Book from the USA…it felt like it was taking years to arrive but in actual fact it was delivered in under two weeks!! 101 Kids Activities – that are the bestest, funnest ever! is a fantastic book written by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller of It’s 192 pages are PACKED FULL of brilliant and FUN activities that the whole family will enjoy!

Holly and Rachel have kindly given us permission to share this wonderful activity that we discovered in their wonderful book!

How to make Playing Card Building Sets – from 101 Kids Activities Book.

All you’ll need –

  • Scissors
  • Playing Cards (perfect use for any incomplete sets you have around your home)

Instructions –

Simply make a small cut in the corner of each card as pictured below, then slot them into each other to build a really cool card house tower!

Making a set of Playing Building Cards

Building a house of cards with a DIY Playing Card Bulding Set!

My 6 year old really loved this simple activity and it was wonderful for practising her fine motor skills too! Watching the look of concentration as she carefully aligned each card was priceless!

Once we were finished she naturally wanted to destroy the castle lol! We then packed the cards back into their case for use on another day! I’m going to keep them in my handbag for her to use next time we are waiting for an appointment – such a convenient and compact little building set!

House of cards! Made with a Playing Card Building Set!

Jenni and I both really enjoyed reading the 101 Kids Activities book! It is full of “Why didn’t I think of that??” moments. We highly recommend this book to all our fellow Fun Mums!!

You can order your copy via Amazon  here or via Booktopia here.

Louise x

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