November 17, 2023

Crayola Color Wonder – Mess Free Coloring!

We were so excited to receive a new set of products from our good friends at Crayola! Miss 6 was especially excited when she opened the box to find some Mess Free Color Paper and Marker packs! We have used these many times in the past but we were looking forward to testing out their NEW BRIGHTER colours!

We invited some neigbourhood friends over for a mini colouring-in party!

Crayola Color Wonder Party

I was so happy to witness all 5 kids (aged from 2 years to 12years) having a great time using these awesome colouring pads. Master 2 was happy scribbling away without me having to worry about him drawing all over himself, anything, or anyone else for that matter! That’s the beauty of these Color Wonder Markers – the ink is clear on most surfaces, but each marker “magically” shows up a different colour on Color Wonder paper! Watch the magic appear on the page in this video via our Instagram account.

New Brighter Colors - Color Wonder Pads from Crayola

I even let my kids use them on our WHITE table cloth without any MESS or stains to worry about.

They’re fantastic for travelling with, I would much prefer my kids colouring than watching a movie or playing on the iPad! I can concentrate on the road without wondering what kind of mess we will find upon arrival at our destination.

They also have some wonderful ‘hidden’ details that appear as the children colour them in. The kids loved finding and sharing all the hidden patterns and designs they discovered.

Color Wonder from Crayola - hidden details that appear like magic!

There are a large range of ‘Themed’ Pads to choose from! My daughter loved the Disney Fairies whilst my son was drawn towards the Disney Planes Pad. You can find the full range here.

Color Wonder from Crayola

We think these are a wonderful range of MESS FREE colouring projects for kids!

We are so excited to be offering THREE separate packs for you to WIN for your own family – each pack will comprise of two different Color Wonder titles. Total RRP of $27.98!

Entry is FREE and EASY. Simply write a creative caption for the image below (in 25 words or less) along with your choice of the two Color Wonder titles you would like to win and place it in the comments section at the bottom of this page. *see full Terms & Conditions.

Good Luck Fun Mums!


Jenni & Louise xx

Why permanent Markers and children don't mix!
This will never be a problem when using Crayola’s Mess Free Color Wonder Pads!!!

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Open from Friday 18th July 7.00pm – Friday 25th July 11.59pm (EST). Win one of THREE Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder Paper and Markers Packs.
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186 thoughts on “Crayola Color Wonder – Mess Free Coloring!

  1. Good day,

    finally my pocket can get a rest with these mess free crayons. No more cleaning liquids and soaps trying to remove the stains from furniture and tablecloths.
    uts like a prayer that has been answered.

    lots of laughs
    brenda meyer

  2. I can let my imagination shine & mum relax when she sees me drawing on things I shouldn’t. I’ll still draw on my brother though… Any of the Color Wonder Titles would be great.

  3. Look mum! Bubba wanted to help me colour in! Yeah she looks a lot better now ! Hehe I done a good job.
    Jake and the pirates and disney planes please

  4. “Little Sis is fun! Use Crayola magic pens instead and create 21st photos that don’t hurt”

    Planes and TMNT

  5. Yay!! Would You Believe I’m So Clever Mummy Have A Look At My Creation!! Do You Think Sis Looks Better Now Too!!

  6. ‘Have kids’ they said, ‘It’ll be fun!’ They said…… But you still wouldn’t change it for the world

  7. Oh yes please!!! Save my white leather dining chairs haha, we would love the Disney princess or Dora books!!!!

  8. “I told you mum I wanted a pirate! Not a baby sister!”
    The Disney Princesses and Planes. 🙂

  9. How did this happen?
    I don’t know! I swear!
    Maybe the baby got out of his chair!
    I didn’t do it!
    This isn’t fair!

    We’d love Disney Princesses and Dora the Explorer

  10. Mummy you said I couldn’t draw on the walls, so I drew on the baby!!

    Disney Princesses and Dora the Explorer please 🙂

  11. The only way to convince our parents to buy us the new crayola mess free colour markers…thanks sis for taking one for the team.

    Disney fairies
    Disney planes

  12. Oh this baby just doesn’t work as well as my Color Wonder paper, she won’t sit still.
    Disney Fairies and Disney Planes please.

  13. Mummy I found the marker, Bella had it…..Pirates and Princess..please for my grandchildren …

  14. Yay! – Mummy look what I done, its ok I used crayola mess free!!
    Disney fairies and Jake the Pirate please

  15. It’s ok mum, I did this with crayola colour wonder markers so will wash off easily!!
    Fairies and TMNT

  16. It wasn’t me mum Amanda got the pen and did it i saw her

    Dora and princesses please and thank u

  17. Why are you angry mum? I’m just colouring in her face like you do yours!

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles and Jake and the Netherlands pirates

  18. “This would never happen if YOUR children used Crayola Colour Wonder”

    Disney Princess and Pirates

  19. Ta Da!! Check out my fabulous artwork. I practiced on the floor first!!

    Disney Fairies and Disney Princesses please.

  20. Mum I found bubba with the crayola in her hand, look what she’s done to her face, is she in trouble now

    Dora and princesses please

  21. “Nana said bubby was looking pale and needed some colour. Is that enough or does she need more?”

    Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Disney Princess please.

  22. Makeup and tattoos in under 2 minutes….done! Career sorted.

    Disney Fairies and Disney Pixar Planes

  23. Ta da mum mum look what the baby got me to do! Oh she loves me drawing all over her head! I’m good aren’t I mum?

  24. I ran out of paper, so my sibbling was the next best thing!
    Disney Princess and Monsters University please.

  25. Yes I did it! Now she matches her rocker, and we match each other. Its all about matching you know 🙂

  26. “Paging my mum” “look what I have done!”
    Disney planes and Dora the Explorer please

  27. Crayons Color Wonder pack $27.98, not having to clean permanent marker off the babies face, priceless!!!

    Fairies and Princesses please 🙂

  28. “Baby was crying so I gave her my wonder marker ,that’s what you do when you see sad people -share your things”
    Fairies and princess’s please

  29. “Look at bubby mum! I think she needs a bath”
    Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Planes please

  30. She still didn’t look quite bright or colourful enough in the stripy pants or her fancy bouncer, so I decided to fix the problem Oh & LOOK! I even did myself AND the floor!

  31. Well what a fantastic set of pens for Nan & Pa to have ready for all the kids when they visit.

  32. “The Still Life portrait is complete. Now can we frame it”.

    (Disney Fairies, Disney Princesses)

  33. “Now can I have Crayola’s Mess Free Color Wonder Pads Mummy? They would be less messy that’s for sure!!!!”

  34. See mum told you we should have gotten the Crayola Colour Wonder Markers!
    Disney Fairies or Princesses, please.

  35. “What?!? You don’t like it? but…but… I worked so hard on her!”

    Disney Fairy and Disney Princess

  36. Don’t wash your children’s master piece away, use Crayola Wonder Markers = less mess more play. Disney glitter princesses, barbie

  37. I’m using the crayons now mummy cause the textas ran out on the wall I coloured in.
    Disney planes and disney fairies

  38. “You told me not to draw on the walls, you didn’t say not to draw on the baby.”

    Planes and Princesses.

  39. What a masterpiece. I am better than Da Vinci. Mum has an artist on her hands.

    Dora and Disney Princess. Thank you.

  40. Hi, my niece loves to draw on everything but paper, this could be the answer to her mothers prayers 🙂

    Disney princess and Disney fairies


  41. But mum I Already drew on all the walls I needed To finish my drawing.

    Disney planes and Disney Princess

  42. I bet mum will buy me a Crayola Mess Free Color Paper and Marker pack now!
    Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Monsters please 🙂

  43. My masterpiece is finished! Just beautiful:-)
    Jake & The Neverland Pirates and Glitter Princess please.

  44. color wonder glitter paper and markers disney princess
    color wonder disney fairies

    Mum! You told me to try out my Crayola Markers. It’s not my fault you gave me the wrong ones!

  45. Look mum, I stayed inside the baby-shaped lines!

    Disney Planes & Disney Fairies would be fabulous. Thanks for the chance!

  46. “Oh hi mum, just trying to find the hidden designs! Don’t worry, I’ll keep colouring til I find them!”

    Disney planes and princess

  47. My first model image used new range of mess free colour. What’s brand? Is Crayola! mum.

    Both girls will love to get Disney Princess (04-5055) & Dora (04-5829).

    Good luck everyone.

  48. I ran out of paper and you told me not to draw on the walls 🙂
    Disney princess and Disney fairies please

  49. Growing up Crayola was my favourite give and now with my two kids they love it two!! hours of enjoyment for all ages xxx

  50. Ta-Da!! I drew a baby for you mummy!!… At least I didn’t colour the walls…..

    Disney princess Disney planes

  51. WOO HOO Artist in the making, do you like my canvas its a masterpiece!!

    Disney Fairies and Monsters

  52. If only Mum thought to buy me “Colour Wonder” books then we wouldn’t be in this mess! – Princess and Planes would be lovely!

  53. Look mum we’re all prettied up and ready for our Santa photos.

    Jake and the never land pirates and Disney Planes

  54. She wanted to be a pirate mummy, she really did.
    Glitter paper Disney princess,
    Monsters university.
    Thank you

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