November 30, 2022

Ice Cube Painting

Ice Cube Painting

This Ice Cube Painting activity could not be easier or more FUN! It only uses two ingredients & the kids have an absolute ball creating with a new medium!

All you need is:


Food Colouring

Ice Cube Trays


Ice Painting

Step 1

Fill your Ice Cube trays 3/4 full with water

Step 2

Add a few drops of food colouring to each segment

Step 3

Mix it together well using the end of a teaspoon or a straw etc

Step 4 

Place your concoction in the freezer over night

Ice Cube Art

Step 5

When frozen, pop all of your coloured Ice Cubes out into a bowl (mainly because it looks so pretty).

Ice Cube Art work

Step 6

Get your paint on!

I used a baking tray & blue tacked down some paper for the kids to create on! I got them to use tongs to move the ice around the paper to stop their hands from getting stained. You could also do this on the cement outside too (although I’m not too sure on the stain factor – maybe do this at the neighbours house lol!)

Ice Cube Art for Kids

Make Art using Ice Cubes

This really is such a fun and inexpensive craft to whip up for the kids! Who knew ice could be so fun!

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