20+ Home Science Projects for Kids
November 27, 2020

20+ Home Science Projects for Kids

20 + Home Science Projects for Kids

Here are 20+ awesome and FUN Home Science Projects for Kids! These have ALL been tried and tested by ourselves and our kids – we hope you will enjoy them all as much as we have!

21 + Fun Science Experiments for Kids 1-4

  1. Learn How Plants Absorb Water – a FUN way for kids to witness how plants absorb water and nutrients!
  2. DIY Lava Lamp Experiment – this was so much bubbly FUN!
  3. Make your own Magic Aqua Sand! A FUN project that the kids will love to re-make again and again!
  4. Self Inflating Balloon – The kids will be amazed as they create a chemical reaction that can inflate a balloon!20+ Home Science Activities for Kids 5-8
  5. Oil Ice and Water Experiment – a great way to learn how different liquids do not mix.
  6. Grow your own Crystal Garden – A fun and magical science experiment!
  7. Build your own Rocket Launcher – so much FUN to watch the rockets ‘Blast Off’ into the sky!
  8. Make your own Silly Putty – a fun experiment with FAST results!Fun Science Activities for Kids
  9. Make your own Rock Candy – not only educational BUT YUMMY too!
  10. Make your own Ocean Wave Tank – learn how some liquids separate and interact together when moved.
  11. Milk Art Project – A great way to create stunning art using simple ingredients from around the home.
  12. Make your own Goo – This is such a FUN and easy experiment to make and play with!Fun Science Activities for kids - 20+ ideas!
  13. Grow your own Crystals – These can be made in all kinds of shapes and colours!
  14. Fireworks in a Glass – A fun and colourful experiment for all ages.
  15. Make your own Mini Volcano using household ingredients.
  16. Floating Rocks – an interesting take on what sinks and what floats.20+ Awesome Scince Activities For Kids
  17. Make your own Bouncy Balls – A great weekend activity!
  18. Magic Leak-Proof Bag – So simple and FUN for all ages – requires very few materials!
  19. Magic Tea Bag Rocket – This is an amazing experiment that requires an adult to demonstrate.
  20. Make your own Balloon Rocket. A great way to learn about self propelled objects using air pressure.Awesome Science Activities to do with Kids - 20+
  21. Bubbling Quicksand – a bubbly sensory experiment that gives quick results – great for all ages.
  22. Dragon Sand Volcano – create your own erupting volcano!
  23. Make your own Glitter Slime – a fun and colourful chemical reaction that results in fun stretchy slime!
  24. Glow in the Dark Silly Putty – Learn how different materials react under a black light!

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8 thoughts on “20+ Home Science Projects for Kids

  1. These projects are great and seem like so much fun! If you can include some comments on the “science” of what is occurring for each project, that would be very helpful. Thanks!

  2. I was looking for cool summer activities so my girl and I can enjoy a relaxing and fun summer break and have her learn something too. These experiments are so cool! Definitely using some of these! Hopefully it will result in and blog too someday 🙂

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