November 15, 2019

Peppa Pig Friendship Month, GIVEAWAY & Show Review!

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Peppa Pig is in the hearts and souls of every 2 – 4 year old from when the show began in 2004. We have so may children shows thrown at us on a daily basis… but one show that will ALWAYS be requested is Peppa! But why?

For my family, this is a show that my husband and I will both sit down to watch with the kids… and dare I say enjoy?  For those of you living under a rock (or perhaps those without children) Peppa Pig is a five year old pig (who, let’s face it,  is a little bit of a Princess). She loves playing games, dressing up, visiting exciting places and making new friends, but her absolutely favourite thing is jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

She lives with the Mummy Pig (we can all see where Peppa gets her loveable Diva attitude from), Daddy Pig (the very sweet but, not the sharpest tool in the shed kinda guy) and little brother George who is completely and utterly obsessed with Dinosaurs. ROAR (the only word in his cute little vocabulary).


Peppa Pig is a phenomenon which has captured the hearts of children and parents alike & has become merchandise heaven. We have (in our house alone), Peppa Pig DVD packs, Peppa Pig Books, Peppa Pig Pyjamas, Peppa Pig Slippers, Peppa Pig clothes, A ‘Tickle Me’ Peppa Pig Doll, a Peppa Pig ‘Beauty Case’ AND a minuture Peppa Pig cuddle doll… we even have Peppa Pig apps (god love that Happy Chicken Game).

Let’s not forget the theme song, I can’t TELL you how many times I’ve done the school run with that song in my head!

We all love Peppa Pig, it’s one of those shows that, I think, will stand the test of time. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s loveable, it’s adventurous, the stories are relatable and most of all she is FUN! Long Live Peppa!

My family is so super excited to see the Peppa Pig Live Show coming to town!

You too can enjoy your own Peppa Pig adventure this May. Simply visit any ABC store this May to ‘find Peppa and her friends’. Collect an entry form from the till point and write down the name of the characters that you find. Once you have completed the hunt, hand your completed entry form to the counter to be entered into the competition and receive a Peppa Pig giveaway!

For more info, visit: |

Because we love Peppa Pig so much over here at Paging Fun Mums, we are also giving our special readers the chance to WIN a $50 Peppa Pig Girl’s PJ Pack!

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Simply comment below who is your favourite character and why, it’s that simple!

*Note: Styles and sizes vary, giveaway winner may request a size between 3-6. Sizes are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate.

Giveaway is drawn on Tuesday 20th of May at 2.00pm! Winners will be announced via email & Facebook!


We were lucky as the Peppa Pig Treasure Hunt show came to our town! The kids were beside themselves with excitement! We must admit, we were a bit excited to see it too!

The premise of the story is Peppa and her friends, Zoey Zebra, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and of course the very cute George (who on more than one occasion cries real tears all over the audience) set out on a Treasure Hunt!

Along the way they ride on Grandad Dog’s Boat, fly in an air balloon, take a train & bus ride with the multi talented Mrs Rabbit and meet up with Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig & Polly Parrot. They have a wonderful time searching for clues (with help from the very willing audience) and have a load of fun along the way with plenty of singing, dancing and laughter. The kids were clapping and dancing and singing along and having a ball, it was a very interactive show that was enjoyed by young and old!

If you want to go and see it for yourself, head here for all of the tour dates & venues. SNORT!


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165 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Friendship Month, GIVEAWAY & Show Review!

  1. Peppa is my favorite because she makes my two granddaughters laugh and smile, And she shows good values! They truly love this show!

  2. My favourite character is Daddy Pig because he is an expert at everything. He somewhat reminds me of my very own husband pig, but I’d never tell him that.. Instead we laugh at Daddy Pig together and often quote him in our day to day life!

  3. Mummy pig is my favorite because my daughter will say “mommy” and snort when she sees her..too cute!

  4. Peppa pig all the way my daughter loves her even has a stuffed toy of her that she has to tuck in to bed each night before she goes to bed.

  5. Dady pig is my favourite. He reminds me alot of my husband, esp when we are driving and we get lost. The kids call out…are we lost dady pig…

  6. My 2 year old loves peppa pig, she loves to watch peppa pig on ABC 2 for kids because she says that her and peppa love jumping in muddy puddles! 🙂

  7. My daughter loves peppa so much she started talking with an English accent and calls me mummy pig. So funny!

  8. I lobe mummy pig…totally calm..always! Never shouts, sees the good in every situation…patience of a saint! Lol x

  9. Definitly Peppa, she’s my little niece’s favourite, she gets so excited about her, she’s always so happy and upbeat! Good examples 🙂

  10. Peppa as she is so funny and loves jumping in muddy puddles which really makes my daughter laugh ♥

  11. I love Grandpa Pig as he reminds me of my kids Grandad because he has a little train just like ‘Grandad Derek’ & whenever we see the episode we always sing ‘Grandpa Derek’s little train goes choo choo choo’

  12. My daughter loves sussie sheep because she said “one day I want to be a nurse” :’D brought a tear to my eye hearing my 3 year old say that <3

  13. Peppa because my daughter now loves to jump in muddy puddles and when she thinks something is funny she falls to the ground laughing and snorting:) just like peppa!!

  14. Peppa! Because my daughter loves her and because my daughter now speaks with an English accent and calls me mommy pig.

  15. Mummy Pig. She’s fun and loving and always has a smile on her face. I’d love to be carefree like her. (Snort) I also call my hubby Daddy Pig.

  16. My daughter loves Polly Parrot !! Might have somthing to do with her repeating everything just like a parrot 🙂

  17. My girls LOVE Peppa. We live on a farm and every time it rains they race outside in their gumboots to jump in muddy puddles. I also like George, my son is dinosaur obsessed too….ha ha!

  18. I love George, he is just as every little brother should be!! He has taught our little brother how the ROAR like a dinosaur!

  19. We love Peppa at our house, but sadly we have all boys, so no pink pj’s needed here. Maybe if they make blue ones with George one day 🙂

  20. I love Peppa Pig.. She is just gorgeous.. So happy full of life and sweet.. Just like our precious little Peppa Pig Fan.

  21. We love peppa pig as she is so graceful and funny and we love the way she falls on the ground laughing 🙂

  22. We like Chloe, Peppa pigs older cousin, as my 4 year old daughter Chloe thinks its brilliant that “her” name is on her favourite tv show!!!

  23. My 2 yr old loves peppa she lights up whenever she sees, hears anything to do with peppa pig. Makes me smile every time 🙂

  24. My almost 2 year old loves peppa … Everytime she hears that little snort she comes running for the tv
    And is getting to a stage where she will only wear “piggy” clothes so this would be awesome for her 🙂

  25. Definately peppa my little girls love her and know some episodes off by heart george is a close second.

  26. Pekka pig is what my daughter calls her she sings the song and oinks for ages after the show is ovee. Peppa is definitely her favourite. Followed a close second by little Goerge and his dinosaur 🙂

  27. Miss 4 loves Peppa (George comes very close) – She runs screaming down the hallway towards me saying “Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig” – then screams back up to the Tv. For the next 10 mins there is total silence. I love Peppa because she is constantly giggling and snorting just like Miss 4 when i tickle her

  28. Grandpa pig, he is always playing games and having fun with them. Just like my poppy ~ from my daughter aged 4

  29. Peppa Pig, she reminds me so much of my little girl. Young, carefree, full of life and sometimes a little bit cheeky 🙂

  30. Peppa, because she has helped me teach my daughter it’s ok to have fun being silly, like getting dirty jumping in muddy pudes.

  31. My 2yo daughter loves “pep-pi” as she calls her followed by a hearty snort! And my 4 yo son loves George. But even my older 2 (9 and 10) will so very happily watch it. It really is a family favourite! Oh, and my favourite is daddy pig. He’s so funny and squishy 🙂

  32. We love Peppa and George as they look after each other. If George gets upset, Peppa eventually foes the right thing to make him happy again. A great brother and sister team, like my two children!

  33. My favourite character is Mrs Rabbit. She is really funny and my kids love that she works everywhere!

  34. Miss Rabbit is my favourite, because she is a jack of all trades! My daughter loves to see what she gets up to, and especially likes it when she is flying the helicopter!

  35. My daughter by routine gets up every morning, turns the computer on and the asks for “Peppa Pig please” on youtube. Where she can watch back to back episodes and her favorites at the moment are the ones where they play with bubbles. I like Miss Rabbit and Daddy Pig and every time he snorts my partner and I laugh. My daughter also comments about jumping in puddles and needing your boots. She 2 and so in her own words.

  36. I teach pre-k and we love Peppa Pig, it is good videos that all kids are allowed to watch. Now days there is so much trash on tv that it is so nice to have a good one come along. My 3 year old loves Peppa and runs toward the tv when she hears the music start. Her favorite is of course, Peppa.

  37. Peppa she always includes George when playing and is very caring to all her friends and when I was little I also loved Muddy Puddles 🙂

  38. I love Mummy Pig but my daughter really loves Peppa or all of them really
    The show makes her laugh and sing and dance and make all the sounds – and that just fills my heart to see the fun in her eyes

  39. Both my kids love peppa and George! We watch it everyday and when we do they r drawn to the tv!! My daughter dies laughing when she sees papa pig snort!

  40. My little girl just turned 2 on Thursday, and just in the past 2-3 weeks, she has been singing “Peppa pig” “Peppa pig, in her soft cute little voice. She had a Peppa Pig cake too. Yesterday I brought her some Peppa Pig goodies from Target. I seen some pj’s at a shop at K-mart last Monday but it wasn’t open . I don’t know who likes Peppa more, me. Her brother 6 or her . Peppa pig is great, even dad zones in ……….

  41. I like Mummy Pig the way she talks with Daddy Pig and the kids. You can sometimes hear the subtle tones we all get when talking to our families 🙂

  42. We love Daddy Pig at our house. The whole family thinks daddy’s laid back attitude and forgetfulness are quiet sweet for a daddy to have. We enjoy the whole Peppa Pig family 🙂

  43. My daughter loves daddy pig, I’m not sure if it’s his laugh or his big round body but she loves when he comes on screen. Personally I like sleepy little Pedro pony because I can relate to always being late!

  44. Daddy Pig is my favorite, because my 3&4 yr old grandsons say I sound like him when I snore! Not very flattering I know, but every time I hear him, I smile & think of them. They live in India now.

  45. My little girl absolutely loves George! She gets so excited when he comes on tv – she screams “my Georgie my Georgie” lol

  46. Daddy Pig is my fave – he is such a kind, gentle and caring dad and always does the funny things to make his family laugh!

  47. We love the whole family Peppa, George, Mommy & Daddy pig. My daughter calls me “Mommy Pig” and she calls daddy. “Daddy Pig” and of course she’s Peppa pig. She is so excited when Peppa Pig comes on. I love the imagination my daughter gets from watching Peppa pig!

  48. I like daddy pig. He is always making mistakes, which teaches kids that mistakes are ok as long as you learn from them.

  49. My daughter LOVES Peppa and George the most because they remind her of herself and her brother which is really sweet and touching in a way! Makes me feel good knowing that I am raising them right! Good luck everyone 🙂

  50. We love Peppa Pig. My three yr old and 1 1/2 year old both can sit down and watch it. One of her favourites is Daddy pig as he is always doing things with his family.

  51. We love Peppa pig the most. My 5yo daughter learn a lot from her. Peppa teaches good things like learn how to share toys and share mommy and daddy wth lil brother. It was a lil hard fr my 5 yo to learn that she is no longer the only child in the family…peppa makes her understand the word of Sharing without a lot of tears or crying days. Peppa is our favorite.

  52. We really enjoy all the characters. I am especially fond of dad and how he plays with Peppa and George. The kids are hooked!

  53. She is pretty pink and according to the kids she is into everything that’s fun. Her stories are sweet, kind and teach lessons in life which is pleasing to parents. Her SNORTS are very LOUD which my children think are grouse and I don’t mind at all as its makes them laugh and enjoy just being kids. Peppa is our Pig of choice who is loved by our family plus plus!

  54. My 4 year old daughter loves Peppa pig. She refers to my 2 year old son as “George”. Funniest part is my son also loves dinosaurs. Both of them love the flying high song

  55. Peppa is our favourite because I think in everyway she reminds me of my daughter she is loveable,cute cheeky(oh so very cheeky) and can be a little naughty at times but she always learns her lesson.

  56. Pepper cause she always puts a smile on my grandkids faces and they get excited when she’s on if there happy I’m a happy grandma

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