Rainbow Spaghetti!
November 27, 2020

Rainbow Spaghetti!

rainbow spaghetti 2

To make your own Rainbow Spaghetti is not only easy, it’s super inexpensive! With only 3 ingredients you can’t go wrong! The kids love squishing and squelching the spaghetti and letting it slide through their fingers. It’s such a fantastic sensory experience!

To make your own you will need

Cooked & drained Spaghetti

Oil (vegetable, sunflower or olive)

Food Dye

Rainbow Spaghetti

Step 1

Simply cook the spaghetti according to the packet instructions & place into a bowl

Step 2

Add a few tablespoons of the oil (enough to coat)

Step 3

Add a few drops of food colouring and mix well

Step 4

Let the spaghetti dry (an hour or so)

Step 5

Place into a large container and let the fun begin!

rainbow spaghetti 4 rainbow spaghetti 6 rainbow spaghetti 5 rainbow spaghetti 3

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8 thoughts on “Rainbow Spaghetti!

    1. Like any food product it should be stored in a sealed container, in the refrigerator for no more than a week. Louise x

  1. Does this work for spaghetti you plan on eating? (I normally rinse the spaghetti under hot water to re-heat it.

  2. Ladies,

    The dyed spaghetti is safe to eat; however, be aware that the colored dye may (I’m trying to be delicate) reappear after digestion… Example: many, many years ago, my father in-law decided to make mint flavored milk shakes that he added green dye to. The youngest daughter freaked out the next morning after she ‘freshened-up’! LOL

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