November 17, 2023

Our Top 5 Electronic Kids Toys – Fun for the whole Family


At Paging Fun Mums we love to have FUN with our kids and with the school holidays fast approaching we thought we would construct a series of lists of our ‘must- have’ toys.

The first list of our series is based around electronic toys… here is our Top 5.

1. Bubble Machine – the whole family can enjoy setting this up for hours of ‘popping’ fun! These toys are FUN with a large group or even just one child. They are great for parties to entertain a group of children too!


2. Remote Control Cars – Who doesn’t love a remote control car? And there are so many options on the market – off road, built for speed or even vintage cars. These are particularly great if you have multiple cars to race against each other.

Energizer 7

3. Leap Frog Console – There are so many varieties. We have the ‘Scribble & Write’ Console which is great for practicing writing & learning letters & numbers. We often use this with our eldest children whilst our youngest are taking a nap.

Energizer 6

4. Walkie Talkie – A good quality Walkie Talkie set can provide hours of imaginative play. They can be used inside or outside. We have fond memories using these as kids in our neighbourhood.

Energizer 11

5. Wii Console – granted these aren’t cheap but boy oh boy are they FUN. With so many active games to get the kids moving they make the perfect wet weather sanity saver. There are many fun games for the whole family including, dancing, bowling and tennis – a great ‘Games Night’ addition for fun Family Time.

Energizer blog

When we look at buying new kids toys we always look for fun and engaging products that will encourage physical activity and boost mental activity. We also like to choose products that will stand the test of time and use. Sometimes that means spending a little extra money to ensure we find the best product. The same rule applies when selecting quality batteries like Energizer Max which holds power for up to 10 years and protects your devices from harmful leakages – after all, quality toys deserve quality batteries.

There’s nothing worse than discovering a leaked battery in your child’s favourite toy when adding new batteries. In some cases this can destroy the toy completely. It’s even a good idea when bringing home a new toy (with batteries already included) that you check the quality of the batteries that are installed – as quite often they can be an inferior brand. We always change these out for Energizer Max.

We always keep our eye on the battery aisle at our local supermarket for Energizer Max as we feel that they are the best on the market.

We hope you have found this list useful! Please let us know your favourite battery operated toy, by commenting below!

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