November 30, 2022

Adorable Christmas Wish List Ornament

Wish List Ornament 3

I saw this idea via Pinterest (follow us) from Honey Bear Lane and immediately fell in love! They are so simple to make..they cost about $3 and they just look darling on the tree!

To make your own you will need

Wish List Ornament

Cotton spools – you can get these from most craft stores or from the sewing section of Spotlight etc & just take off the thread (which is what I did)


White card stock

Red spray paint

Permanent pen

Glue gun

Wish List Ornament

Step 1

Spray your spool/s and allow them to dry

Step 2

Measure the inside section of your spools and work out how wide you will need to cut your card stock (mine were 2.4 cms wide)

Step 3

Cut your card stock to the correct width and make it approximately 20cms (or 8 inches) long – you can trim off any excess if need be later

Adhere one end of your card stock by using a small amount of glue

Step 4

Wrap the card around to the glued section and add another small amount of glue to secure

Step 5

Write on the kids wish list (don’t ask me to explain my kids wish list…I’m not sure how I’m going to get Santa to deliver ‘Fish Eggs, and a ‘Unicorn’!!)

I also put the kids names and the year on top of the scroll too : )

Step 6

Thread a length of ribbon through the centre of the spools, tie at the top & hang on the tree : )

Wish List Ornament 4

Aren’t they the cutest!

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