November 30, 2022

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

These Glowing Christmas Trees are a perfect craft for playgroups or classrooms. They are simple to construct (using easily soursed materials) and look amazing at night!

Here is what you need –

  • Some cheap Party Hats (we picked a packet up for $1 at our local discount store)
  • Scissors
  • Foam or Cardboard Stars mounted on a toothpick or similar
  • Pom Poms, thin tinsel
  • Battery Operated Tea Lights
  • Glue Dots or Good quality double sided tape

We started by painting our foam stars gold an allowing them time to dry – I just love how Miss M holds her tongue out when she’s concentrating on a task.

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

I carefully cut some star shapes in one party hat and then just randomly poked holes in all the others.

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

Miss M then took her time decorating the Hats with Pom Poms and some fine tinsel before placing the star on top.


Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

These make a Fun Hat and Craft just like this!

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

But my idea was to make them glow!!

*We are always cautious when using battery operated tea lights – especially those with open battery compartments. Lithium batteries can be VERY harmful when swallowed. For this reason I attached one to the base of an old DVD so the switch could be activated through the hole. I then securely glued the Hat onto the DVD so the light itself was not accessible to little hands.

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

They look so incredible at night – Miss M just LOVES them.

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft

Glowing Christmas Tree Craft - Using Party Hats!!

We think they would make a great playgroup craft even without the light attached – the materials are so easily sourced without a huge amount of cost or preparation involved.

We hope you find inspiration in this craft. Please let us know if you do this craft at home or with your students.

Louise x

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11 thoughts on “Glowing Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

  1. Not only fabulous ideas for my grandchildren and school holidays but also in my job as a activities officer in an aged care home!! thanks guys

  2. Such great ideas for my grandkids to enjoy but I will also pass on to my Mum’s nursing home craft co-ordinator

  3. you could use scrapbook paper and they sell silver snowflakes. oh, they also sell the punch out in scrapbook section and use foil Christmas paper f you can’t find the right hats. just cover them. Always thinking ‘Frozen” Blue sparkle hats with silver snowflakes. I think I saw some in the buttons section but I know they have them in a bag of asst sequins. Make a Frozen village or castle!!

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