November 30, 2022

Recycled Denim Kid’s Chair Covers

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

We love the ‘new’ look of our Kid’s table and Chairs thanks to our ‘Recycled Denim Chair Covers’! The best part is they are easily removed and completely washable!

We started by visiting our local Second Hand stores and Thrift Shops – we purchased any old jeans with interesting pockets or pockets with buttons (The most we paid was $2 per pair but some were as cheap as 50 cents!!). You will need 2 pairs to make 4 Kid’s Chairs (you might like to use extra pairs for the pockets).

Once we had our materials we measured the chairs to determine a pattern…unfortunately all Kid’s Chairs are different so you will need to measure and make your own pattern. This is fairly simple with a tape measure, pencil and paper (see rough notes below).

My rough sketch...I mean scribble lol.
My rough sketch…I mean scribble lol.

We used one leg off each of the 2 jeans to make each panel.  My Mum simply ran her overlocker around each raw edge of the cut panel, then folded down the top flap of the jean panel at the length of “A” (inside out) and sewed down each side (using a ‘Denim’ heavy duty needle) . To make them fit snugly Mum sewed a triangle tab inside each top corner. Mum also sewed some black straps to the bottom corner of each panel to help secure the covers to the chairs.

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

Then came the FUN part – cutting and sewing on the pockets. We tried to add a good variety of large and small pockets to help store different sized items…you can choose as many or as few as you like.

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

Lastly my Mum made some mini chair cushions using some more recycled denim. These cushions make the chairs very comfy to sit on and are also all removable for washing – we also added some ties to secure them to the seat. Here is a great tutorial on making a simple Cushion – DIY Super Simple Cushion Tutorial .

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - CUTE!

We hope this has inspired you to dust off the sewing machine a whip up a set of these covers…or maybe you have a friend or family member who can whip you up a set?

A HUGE thank you to my Mum ‘Granty’ for helping me make these and helping me write this post.

I would also like to thank Jackie from  Happy Hooligans who provided the original inspiration for this project with these very cool Repurposed Denim Aprons *pictured below.


Louise x

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7 thoughts on “Recycled Denim Kid’s Chair Covers

  1. You ladies are so talented! I absolutely love these chair covers! I think I might just have to dust off my sewing machine, and make a few for the chairs at our colouring table. So thrilled to think that my aprons were the inspiration behind something so brilliant! Thanks so much for the shout out. I’ll be pinning and sharing these for sure!

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