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June 18, 2020

Soft as a cloud playdough

8 thoughts on “Soft as a cloud playdough

  1. Hi Ladies, I’ve noticed in your recipe for play dough with 2 ingredients, you have corn flour/cornstarch as an ingredient. Are you saying that the 2 are interchangeable? Thanks for your reply, Louise Roherty

    1. Hi Louise,
      We do believe cornstarch is the equivalent to cornflour. We have been unable it test it out ourselves as cornstarch isn’t available at our grocery stores here in Australia. We have had no reports of it not working with cornstarch either.
      I hope that helps and please let us know if/when you make it so we can know for sure :).
      Thank you.
      Louise x

      1. May be you have potato starch as in Europe. That should work well. Our corn flour in the states is very gritty. But we don’t have potato flour

  2. Corn Starch is what we use in the USA, to make playdough, so I am sure it is the same thing. We also use it in cooking to thicken soups, gravies, and such. It is slicker feeling than bleached wheat flour,(that is mostly used – but we also use lots of whole wheat or multi-grain for making breads) but left overs thicken with bleached wheat flour reheats better, as the corn starch tends to break down, and liquefy when reheated. So maybe this will help describe the difference.

  3. Hi :

    I tried thr corn flour and conditioner for my work and the children loved exploring it.. However it didnt stay for a long it dried out and made very messy as gloop . I would live to try it but only if it stays as soft as playdough and can save it to next day .. Can u please tell me where it got it wrong or how to keep it soft and doughy not dry corn flour..


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