November 30, 2022

Mini Nutella Cheesecakes

Nutella CheesecakeMini Nutella Cheesecakes

Jenni and I both LOVE Nutella…we both also love mini cheesecakes in recycled baby food jars – as you can see here and here. It was only a matter of time before we tried to combine all of the above ;). We adapted the original recipe we found here at Chocolate Suze.

This is the recipe we came up with –

Ingredients –

250g packet of Oreos

50g unsalted butter – melted

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

500g cream cheese – softened at room temperature

¾ cup of icing sugar

150ml of thickened cream

1 x 400g jar of Nutella (minus the one spoonful you HAVE to eat while trying to extract the rest).

10 x 110g empty (cleaned) baby jars.

Method –

Process the Oreos, combine with the melted butter then evenly divide the mixture into the base of the baby jars.

Beat the softened cream cheese and icing sugar until light and fluffy, add the vanilla, cream and Nutella and beat until well combined.

Place in a freezer bag, cut off one corner and use this as a piping bag to fill your jars with Nutella goodness.

Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella Cheesecake

Refrigerate and serve cold with a wedge of an Oreo on top.

These cheesecakes are so divine – they’re not too heavy and have just the right amount of Nutella.

We hope you love them as much as we did.

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22 thoughts on “Mini Nutella Cheesecakes

  1. These look really more-ish. I’m not sure I should try them it may be the beginning of the end for my waist line! Lol! I don’t think I can to the shops for some cream cheese tomorrow I think!

  2. How long do you have to let it sit in the fridge for?
    Also, if we don’t have baby jars, could we use cupcake liners or just put them in a cupcake pan and then pop them out once they’ve set? Looks delicious!

  3. Could you use Oreo waffers instead of the biscuits? My kids are allergic to the biscuits but can have the waffers. Or would a chocolate cookie be better?

    1. Hi Sasha, I think the waffers would work perfectly! You might just need to add some melted butter if it’s not moist enough? I think it will be fine though :). Louise x

  4. is there a converter for grams to something familiar as in…. tsp..tbs…ounces…cups…etc?
    math is not my friend…. 🙁

  5. I’d love to make this, but need a converter for measurements also. I’m sure you reach a lot of people in the USA… looks good, though.

  6. does this cheesecake actually set without any gelatine??? Could you make a small 20cm cake without gelatine???

    1. Yes, the cooled condensed milk makes it set :). I’ve also made it in a 10″ cheesecake tin with success :). Louise x

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