DIY Edible Paints
November 28, 2020

DIY Edible Paints

DIY Edible Paints - Yummy

DIY Yummy Edible Paints!

I remember making this as kids with my Mum – I have lots of fond memories fighting with my brother to ‘finish’ the paint hehehe.

I found a tin of Condensed Milk in the cupboard and thought it would also be a fun activity for my toddler who usually likes to ‘taste’ everything…surprisingly he did not lick his fingers once…unlike his big sister who recognised the tin and yelled “Cheesecake!!”!

You will need:

Condensed Milk

Food Colouring




DIY Edible Paints - Yummy

It’s pretty simple – just pour the Condensed Milk into small containers (an ice cube tray works great too) and mix in some food colouring using a toothpick.

My 5yo Daughter and I painted some Marshmallows while my toddler had fun painting on some paper…we placed our completed marshmallows in the fridge to set overnight.

Love the look of concentration on Miss M's face!
Love the look of concentration on Miss M’s face!

DIY Edible Paints - Yummy

DIY Sensory Play Paint for toddlers

DIY Edible Paints

We loved how shinny and bright the paintings were that my son had made 🙂

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18 thoughts on “DIY Edible Paints

  1. I am so glad I found your site. I am a Gr. R teacher and always looking for great ideas to do with my class.
    Yours is packed.

    1. Thank you Hester, we are so glad you enjoy our page! It’s comments like these that make our day. Thank you : ) Jenni x

  2. I’ll definitely be sharing the edible paint ( or might keep it to myself !), and the play dough. I work in a children’s service and the staff will love these ideas. 🙂

  3. I live in the uk and came across your page on facebook that one of my friends shared. I will be trying alot if your things out with my 20month little boy who likes to try nearly everything.
    Thank you xx

  4. I absolutely LOVE your site. There is just one problem. How does anyone decide which thing to do first. My grandson will go crazy with excitement when I show him this site. THANK YOU SOO MUCH

    1. Hi Julie, it sets firm when refrigerated but it will return to a thick liquid if left out too long…well that’s what ours did :). Louise x

  5. If you paint a picture with this paint, does it mould after a while? Just wondering because of the sugar content of the milk. Thanks for all your great ideas, love them all!

  6. I am a grandmother and love to make thins. Thank you for the ideas. Unfortunately my grand children
    are living in Australia and live in South Africa but there are lots of children to spoil.

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