December 10, 2019

Robot Cutlery Holder! Such a cool addition to any ‘Robot’ or ‘Space’ Party!

Robot Cutlery Holder

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and had to make my own version! My son’s idea for a Robot Party was making me very happy! If you would like to make one of these yourself you will need:

Robot Cutlery Holder

2 x soup cans (for the legs)

1 x 4 litre paint can (for the body). I bought mine for $8 at the paint shop as I didn’t want a dirty used paint tin around kids or food

1 x baby formula can (for the head)

1 x long alfoil roll (cut in half – for the arms)

Electrical Tape

2 x Nuts (found at any hardware store)

1 x socket from an old socket set (for the nose) – you could use whatever your husband will give you from his tool kit though ; )

1 x silver pipe cleaner (cut in half)

Silver spray paint

Glue gun

1 x print out for the mouth (added below)

DIY Robot Cupcake Stand!

Your first step will be to spray paint all of the ‘body parts’ with silver and leave them to dry.

Robot Cutlery Holder

I used blue electrical tape and added it to the base of the two soup cans (for the legs and then did the same for the ‘arms’).

Robot Cutlery Holder

Then you will need to attach the two ‘legs’ to the ‘body’ using the glue gun (you will note that I did this before I put on the electrical tape….trust me, you will want to do the tape first lol!…you live and you learn ; )

Robot Cutlery Holder

Now glue on the ‘head’ using the glue gun.

Robot Cutlery Holder

Attach the arms, again, with the glue gun. You will note that the right arm is facing outwards so I could hang the very cute little sign (courtesy of Piggy Bank Parties).

Now you can start adding character to your little guy by glueing on his eyes, mouth, nose and ears! To make the ears/antennas, I cut a long piece of silver pipe cleaner in half, then coiled each piece around my finger to get the ‘springy’ look.

Robot Cutlery Holder

Now add your cutlery (which looks like the Robot’s hair) and you have the perfect party feature!

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Jenni x

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2 thoughts on “Robot Cutlery Holder! Such a cool addition to any ‘Robot’ or ‘Space’ Party!

  1. Thank you so much for all your diy tutorials! I cant’ wait to get to work with my son’s birthday party. Yours looks fabulous! 🙂

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