August 5, 2022

Gummi Lolly Recipe!

Gummi Lolly Recipe

When my son wanted a Robot Themed party, I immediately started pinning anything Robot like! I came across this amazing recipe at Eat the Evidence for a Gummi Recipe.  It’s so simple! All you need is water, jelly & gelatine. The gelatine added to the jelly make the ‘Gummi’s’ very durable and you can add them to any mold you like! Of course, I went with the robot! The results are amazing and I will be definitely using this recipe time & time again for kids parties and more!

Here is the recipe from Eat the Evidence:

Prep time:  5 mins
Cook time:  10 mins
Total time:  15 mins
Serves: Just under 1 cup
Gummi Lolly Recipe
85g box of Jelly (we used Aeroplane Jelly…the best!
28g or about 2 1/2 tbsp of gelatin powder
½ cup cold water
about a half glass of hot water
Tools Needed:
a small nonstick saucepan
a silicone spatula
a baster
a glass tall and heavy enough to support the baster
Silicone molds (found at most $2 stores – they are usually sold as ‘ice cube trays’. Use any shape you like!)
Combine the gelatin and the Jelly powder in the saucepan
photo 2
Stir them together thoroughly.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
Add ½ cup COLD water and stir until thoroughly combined. Then let the mixture sit for at least two minutes. This will hydrate the gelatin and make for a smoother result later. You will know it’s well-hydrated when it starts to thicken and you can see little to no remaining liquid when you stir.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
Heat the saucepan on a very low setting to slowly melt the mixture. You do not want to risk boiling it, so go low and slow.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
Mix occasionally as it heats up, working gently to scrape the goo from the bottom and sides of the saucepan but without beating in any air. You’re going to want the air out later so don’t stir roughly and add extra right now.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
When you can no longer see any gelatin lumps on your spatula (only tiny bubbles as shown above), it’s melted.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
Fill the heavy-bottomed glass about half full of water and microwave until very hot. It’s okay to boil it, but not necessary if you’re working with little kids. Place the baster in the hot water to warm up. This helps prevent gummy from solidifying in the baster and clogging it.
Add about 10-20ml (roughly 2-4 tsp, depending on how thick you want your gummy) of the hot water from the glass to the pot using the baster. My baster has ml markings on the side so I just pull up 10ml from the glass and squirt it into the pot. This will help improve the clarity of the gummy faster. Mix minimally to avoid re-introducing bubbles or foam into the gummy.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
Even if you do remove some foam, you won’t be able to get it all off. The trick to getting the nice clear gummy underneath is to hold your baster above the pot, squeeze the bulb firmly and hold it, tip the saucepan so the gummy goes to one side (the smaller your saucepan, the deeper your pool), put the tip of the baster all the way down to the bottom, then gently release pressure on the bulb to draw up the clear goo. Then increase a little pressure on as you lift it out so you don’t suck up any foam as you go.
Gummi Lolly Recipe
Working swiftly but carefully, gently squeeze the bulb again to deposit the gummy into your mold. You can opt to fill molds entirely or partially, depending on your intended result. To get a clean back/top, avoid emptying the baster entirely as the last squirt will make bubbles. If you do get a bubble, you can suck it back up into the baster while the gummy is still warm.
Return your baster to the hot water glass for a moment and pull up hot water if necessary to clean out the tip, then repeat until all of the clear gummy is used up.
If you use up all of what’s in the pot, you will get some foam floating on the top of the gummies. It can be cut off later when it’s cold, but that’s tricky, so it’s best to try to leave it in the pot. That being said, I haven’t met a small child yet who cared if there was a bit of foam, so adjust your efforts based on the expectations of the recipients!
Let the mold sit at room temperature for a few minutes until it has set up enough to move (placing very flexible molds on cutting boards beforehand will help you move them more easily). The exact time will depend on the ambient temperature and the depth of the mold, but a few minutes is generally fine. Meanwhile, go to your fridge or freezer and prepare a level space for your mold. Once it’s stable, transfer it to the fridge or freezer for several minutes, however long is required for it to set up entirely. Thick items in the fridge might take as much as ten or fifteen minutes, whereas thin items in the freezer may take as little as one minute.
Once they’re firm, remove them from the mold. Flexible molds are best because you can bend them and the gummy will pop out. Firm molds might require you to gently and carefully use a tool to pry the gummies out.
Voila! Gummies! Note that the side against the mold always looks nicer because it won’t have foam or bubbles. With this particular mold, that means showing the nicest side will make the letter backwards. I have some alphabet molds that will yield the same result. Keep this in mind if directionality is important to your project. Then again, remember that the five-year-olds don’t care and will happily eat them regardless of which side is prettier to you.
Gummi Lolly Recipe Gummi Lolly Recipe
Gummi Lolly Recipe
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