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December 26, 2020

DIY Gel Sensory Bag

DIY Gel Sensory Bag

DIY Gel Sensory Bag

I’ve  been wanting to make one of these for a while now – I finally remembered to grab the cheap hair gel last week – this is what we made using it.

Materials needed –

  • Large Zip-lock freezer bags (I use two for each Sensory Bag)
  • A range of small objects to go inside the bag like: Buttons, pom poms, beads or basically anything without sharp edges.
  • Strong masking tape or Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Cheap Hair Gel – I ended up using three cups in total.

The process-

Simply fill your bag with roughly one cup of small sensory objects (some hard, some soft but none with shape edges. Add the Gell and carefully seal the zip lock bag, place that bag inside a second bag and fold the inside zip part down so you can properly seal the outer bag.

DIY Sensory Bag

Tape the bag around all four edges to either a window, high chair table or even the floor – anywhere that the baby or child can safely play with it.

DIY Sensory Bag1

I made this with my 15month old in mind BUT my 5 year old decided she enjoyed playing with it too!

DIY Baby Sensory Bag


Sensory Bag

We hope you enjoy this craft/activity as much as we did.

Louise x

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20 thoughts on “DIY Gel Sensory Bag

  1. This looks like fun ! Just wondering does the duct tape mark the glass or leave a residue at all? If so any tips on how you would clean off? Thanks

    1. It might but it’s easy to clean off stickers or tape with googone!! That’s stuff even takes off the yellow markings that r left on ur car if u get towed. It’s amazing stuff!!

  2. Thank you this is a great idea, I have made a few of these bags over the last year as I am an educator in a nursery room , but never thought of putting them on the window

  3. We use the same thing at school for Early Childhood Development Program without the additions. We use it with just the gel and put the bag on top of a large sheet of paper with either the child’s name or letters of the alphabet we are learning that week. The child then uses their finger and traces over the letter/word. We used cheap, blue hair gel and you can see through it. Children loved it and no mess to clean up or wipe off. Like the idea of turning into a sensory tool. Great.

  4. My 4yr old has autism and loves the heavy duty gel bags at school. I know he would love this at home. I will add food coloring and glitter too. It should be a great thing for him to use in therapy!

  5. Best fun ever, both making it last night with my 4-yr-old & husband, and playing with it by said 4-yr-old & baby brother (13 months).
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  6. I have one of these on the window for my 15mo, filled with star shaped sequins and some star stickers. She loves it – and so do her cousins, even the 9 year olds!

  7. This is brilliant. I am using this as my practical activity for a very important Child Studies assignment. Thank you for the idea xx

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