November 17, 2023

DIY Personalised Clock

DIY Personalised Clock

Thats right, DIY Personalised Clock!

I found this fantastic idea over on Pinterest here  and just HAD to make it.

I’m keen to start Master L (5yo) on learning the time so I thought this was a FUN way to get his learning juices flowing!

This would also make a wonderful gift too! It may look difficult to make, but trust me, it was a piece of cake! It’s also very inexpensive – in total it only cost me a little over $10!

You will need:

22cm clock (9 inches)

DIY Personalised Clock

Glue (I always use a glue gun, but craft glue would work just as well)


Clock battery


DIY Personalised Clock

First take a photo of your ‘subject’. It looks really good if the clothing is matching (i.e. the same colour/pattern top as the bottom). Master L had these cool new PJ’s & Miss A rocked the Pink Tracksuit.

Make sure you get the whole  ‘subject’ in the shot from the tip of their finger to the bottom of their toes and take the photo front on.

The ideal pose it to have one finger pointing straight up with their arm close to their ear & the other arm down by their side.

I printed the images on both a 6×4 and 5×7 size photo. I ended up using the 5×7 but had I cropped my image to fit the entire photo, the 6×4 would have been fine.

DIY Personalised Clock

DIY Personalised Clock

Now using your screwdriver, take the front off the clock and keep the screws in a safe place!

You can pull off the seconds hand at this point, but I didn’t bother.

DIY Personalised Clock

Now cut your subjects out of the photos carefully all the way around.

DIY Personalised Clock

Then have a play and work out where you are going to cut the picture in half…obviously the waist would be the best place : )

Then glue both halves to the clock hands. Make sure both halves sit nice and flat to ensure the clock hands can go all the way around with ease.

DIY Personalised Clock

Add your battery to the clock and double check it works correctly.

Reassemble your clock and you are ready to start teaching the time!

Master L was so excited to receive his special gift! It was the cutest! This is his sweet little face!

DIY Personalised Clock

DIY Personalised Clock

I was so glad I did this, both of the kiddies loved their clocks! Such a nice little keepsake for them to have in their room!

DIY Personalised Clock DIY Personalised Clock DIY Personalised Clock DIY Personalised Clock DIY Personalised Clock


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  1. Unbelievable! I am a great lover of all these creative and new ideas. I have done something similar to it. I have made a wall clock by using a handmade paper. I wish, I could post a picture of it. 🙁

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