May 5, 2022

Our ‘pet’ Cow “Moo-Moo” – (Louise)

I would like to introduce a member of our family, “Moo-Moo” – he’s been living with us for going on 3 years now. My kids (and I) adore him.

Master M - bouncing for joy!
Master M – bouncing for joy!

He’s so nice and soft but best of all he’s bouncy like a fit ball!!! He’s inflated with air so the kids can bounce on him everywhere. Such good exercise and he also incorporates great balance skills too.

My daughter was given him at Christmas 2010, she was only 2yo at the time, she’s now nearly 5 and still enjoys bouncing on him …but Moo-Moo has found a new fan in my baby boy (15 months old). Even as a newborn Master M loved to look at all his black & white spots and now he loves to climb and bounce on him too.

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010

We love our “Moo-Moo” and thought your little ones might too?

This is where you can purchase your own bouncy animal – they have a whole range to choose from, I do have a soft spot for the Cow ;).

You can find their web page here –

And their Facebook Page here –

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